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(Physical Geography) Canadian a scale indicating the levels of heat and humidity in current weather conditions
[C20: from humid + (in)dex]


(ˈhyu mɪˌdɛks or, often, ˈyu-)

Canadian. an index of discomfort based on a combination of heat and humidity.
[1965–70;b. humidity and index]
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The humidex index is a combination index of ambient temperature and relative humidity.
The weather bureau also said the humidex may climb into the 30s.
To estimate heat exposure, many environmental health studies use indices meant to capture the combined experience of several weather factors, such as the Universal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI 2012) and the humidex, which is used by Canada's weather office (Environment Canada 2013).
To provide a simplistic example, on the day with the greatest burden of heat illness, the maximum ambient temperature was 36[degrees]C in Toronto and the Humidex peaked at 47[degrees]C, whereas the maximum daily temperature and Humidex in the preceding week had a mean of 30[degrees]C and 39[degrees]C, respectively.
A heat advisory is declared when a humidex of 36 or more is forecast for at least two consecutive days.
But sitting in my air-conditioned office on a day when the humidex reads 40 degrees Celsius, I reflect on my short (and colder) time in the Arctic.
The air can be either humid or extremely dry during heat waves; a combination of high temperature and high humidity can produce a humidex value (a measure of the body's perception of air temperature) in the high 40s ([degrees]C), which is extremely dangerous.
A Humidex Air Quality exhaust machine will be installed and a final air test conducted.
Even with humidex temperatures soaring into the thirties, the turnout was excellent.
Take our words for it: humidex, megaplex, and antitheft can be found in our current dictionaries.
The Humidex that exchanges the air in the home six to seven times a day, creates a very healthy interior space.
At the Active watch level, following a heat warning by Environment Canada(forecast of temperatures [greater than or equal to] 30[degrees]C and Humidex [greater than or equal to] 40), the system automatically transmits a heat warning to various partners.