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v. hummed, hum·ming, hums
a. To emit a continuous low droning sound like that of the speech sound (m) when prolonged.
b. To emit the continuous droning sound of a bee on the wing; buzz.
c. To give forth a low continuous drone blended of many sounds: The avenue hummed with traffic.
2. To be in a state of busy activity.
3. To produce a tune without opening the lips or forming words.
1. To sing (a tune) without opening the lips or forming words.
2. Baseball To throw or pitch (a ball) very fast.
1. The sound produced by humming.
2. The act of humming.
Used to indicate hesitation, surprise, or displeasure.

[Middle English hummen, of imitative origin.]

hum′ma·ble adj.


(Music, other) suitable for humming
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But for the lack of a memorable song, one to take away with a hummable melody and captivating lyrics - after all, this is a musical - it would have been a 95 percent nearly perfect piece of theater transferred to the silver screen, silver but glowing golden in its luminous moments.
The advertisement has a high-energy and hummable song, which blends beautifully with the visuals and makes the journey even more memorable.
That though, is Heaton's gift - the ability to come up with hummable melodies that carry songs with something to say.
Dada ( Pritam) has a knack for coming up with instantly hummable numbers.
Songs such as Jasper and recent single Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair tumble into life on the back of instantly hummable solos from guitarist James Madden, and Ryan Murphy's laidback vocals.
The title track channels some of the breezy psychedelia of Traffic, with the immediately hummable chorus of a lost 1970s classic, while These City Streets is effortless, lilting soul in the vein of the Isley Brothers.
The songs are hummable and easy to sing along with but it lacks that little bit of fairy dust which marks out the great from the good.
More than merely a pop sensation, the Moranbong Band, said to have been hand-picked by Kim himself, has since its stage debut in 2012 come to be the softer, more hummable face of the new Kim regime, despite speculation at least one of its members had fallen out of favor in connection with the purge of Kim's once-powerful uncle earlier this year.
There's Mark Ronson, who played at Macca's wedding to Nancy Shevell and gives us the hummable Alligator, which is classic McCartney, and the sprightly New.
But the purveyors of many equally hummable tracks celebrate their 25th anniversary with a UK tour that will stop off at the Institute in Birmingham on Sunday, December 1.
Unlike the aristocratic characters of the main work those of the intermezzo were down to earth, bringing with them plenty of rustic humour and hummable arias.
Swift dressed as the Mad Hatter in white top hat, tails, shorts and tall boots during the surreal version of her hummable hit "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.