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n. Music
A whimsical or fanciful composition.

[German Humoreske, from Humor, humor, from English humor.]


(ˌhjuːməˈrɛsk) or


(Classical Music) a short lively piece of music
[C19: from German Humoreske, ultimately from English humour]


(ˌhyu məˈrɛsk; often ˌyu-)

a musical composition of humorous or capricious character.
[1875–80; < German Humoreske]
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As ever, Gordon entertained with great stories and opened the second half with March on a Yorkshire Tune and Hornpipe Humoresque by Noel Rawsthorne.
The quintet, which was formed in 2012, will perform Ibert's Triois Pieces Breves, Wind Quintet by Hindemith, Papageorgio's Humoresque Acuarela and Ligetti's Six Bagatelles.
Not even the simple Humoresque, as the project's appendix, with Ayami lkeba on the piano (of course, as arranged by Fritz Kreisler, who has the closest affinity to the violin), is run-of-the-mill (enchanting glissandos, variable vibrato, pauses, the fabulous G string).
After landing the role of Crawford, Dobson watched a number of her films once more, including Mildred Pierce and Humoresque.
Mary Fletcher, Cumbernauld A Humoresque (1946) was based on the novel by Fannie Hurst and starred Joan Crawford at her best.
He regarded it as a lighter work than its predecessors, calling it his Humoresque.
Body and Soul (as well as Garfield's version of Humoresque, made a year earlier) revisits the Jewish family archetypes that were depicted in these early silent films; Patricia Erens defines these as "the Stern Patriarch, the Prodigal Son, the Rose of the Ghetto .
Over the coming decades, David Allison's penchant for the humoresque would manifest itself repeatedly in California schools and colleges.
Paganini's La Campanella and Dvorak's Humoresque No.
I must admit that the less-known pieces come off best, the Symphonic Synthesis of Boris Godunov, Tchaikovsky's Humoresque and Solitude, and, especially, Stokowski's own Traditional Slavic Christmas Music.
V by Samuel Scheidt, Pavane by Gabriel Faure, "The Casbah of Tetouan" by Kerry Turner, Antonin Dvorak's Humoresque and G.
The tone is Brechtian and the humoresque music holds echoes of Pound's Mauberley sequence, but the tone of thought is signature Kelly Cherry, accented by the piquant rhyme, "acquire a tan," "Yucatan.