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1. Lacking a sense of humor.
2. Said or done without humor: "She winked at me, but it was humorless; a wink of warning" (Truman Capote).

hu′mor·less·ly adv.
hu′mor·less·ness n.
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Adv.1.humorlessly - in a humorless manner; "he reacted rather humorlessly to these rumors"
humorously - in a humorous manner; "Dickens had humorously suggested a special service of intercession at St. Paul's Cathedral"
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As soon as Hike one of these poems I feel slightly defiled, as if I'd been shoehorned into a receptive frame of mind because of its topicality: a faintly hectoring thematic insistence leaves the impression of a battalion of earnest citizens humorlessly executing the plaintive mission at hand.
a song from their first LP, Mirror, Jenner barks at the mic, his face pale, puffy and stricken, while Roccoforte attacks his drums and Andruzzi and former bassist Mattie Safer plod and pluck their instruments humorlessly.
Howie is a humorlessly devout Scots Presbyterian, which makes him the brunt of much amusement among the more libertine villagers.