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Adj.1.humourous - full of or characterized by humor; "humorous stories"; "humorous cartoons"; "in a humorous vein"
pleasing - giving pleasure and satisfaction; "a pleasing piece of news"; "pleasing in manner and appearance"
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As I lounged upon the green bank, I lazily watched these parodies of humanity as they were tossed hither and thither with humourous indignity by the breeze, remarking to myself on the quaint shamelessness with which we thus expose to the public view garments which at other times we are at such bashful pains to conceal.
His partner, in a violent letter, sent to his bank, had taunted him with hiding his whereabouts: and Strickland, in a cynical and humourous reply, had told his partner exactly where to find him.
The young gentleman did not stop to bestow any other mark of recognition upon Oliver than a humourous grin; but, turning away, beckoned the visitors to follow him down a flight of stairs.
Could I have preserved the picturesque force of his style, and the humourous colouring which nature taught him how to throw over his descriptions, the result, I honestly believe, would have been something new in literature.
His humourous opening remarks covered everything - from his father leaving no inheritance behind to the ever-going debate on his sexuality to dropping his 'superstar' tag for a 'legend'.
The drama assumed iconic significance as it, by virtue of humourous and meaningful situations, exposed hypocrisies and double standards that existed in society.
But she didn't fall for the con and instead strung him along with a series of humourous posts.
There was a humourous banter with the band and whether or not guitarist Keith Scott's grandmother is really Welsh, he had plenty of home support.
Today,the second day of the festival,the organizers had arranged different programmes, including mango innovative cutting, mango eating competition, musical chair, face painting,poster making, humourous speeches,dramas and poetry session.
Reciting Hilaire Belloc's 'George Who Played With A Dangerous Toy', it was Singh's humourous tone that won him the title.
The TVC attempts to keep the humourous element alive, which has become synonymous with the brand image but the antics of Faisal Qureshi don't amuse anymore and Ufone must think of some other character or device now.