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Noun1.humous - a thick spread made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and garlic; used especially as a dip for pita; originated in the Middle East
paste, spread - a tasty mixture to be spread on bread or crackers or used in preparing other dishes
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While this nonfiction work provides some humous and thought-provoking information on various historical, scientific, and biographical subjects, the book seems tedious with fact after fact.
Head of Palestinian Committee against the Wall and Settlement in Al-Issawiya, Marwan Abu Humous said in a statement that Israeli forces imposed a military cordon around an under-construction building in the Obeid neighborhood, before the bulldozers started destructing it .
The humous, meanwhile, was a velvety, rustic, version, with a drizzle of olive oil that Geoff said was one of the best he had tasted (and he's been to Kos on holiday once so is a expert) Plates started arriving at our table filled with food such as fasolia butter beans in a tomato parsley and dill sauce, tiropita feta cheese parcels wrapped in crispy filo pastry, and dolmades vine leaves filled with rice and herbs.
CHOOSE: Vegetable dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), humous or tzatziki with vegetable crudites, chicken or fish souvlaki, grilled fish, Greek salads and grilled fruit with yoghurt.
They also have an impressive selection of tapas - olives, humous, vegetable crisps and cured meats including venison salami - as wel as handmade venison Scotch eggs and pies.
Songs, candles, delicious challah bread, lamb, chicken, humous.
Mid afternoon or evening snack includes Small handful of carrot sticks and 30g humous, Evening meal includes 2-3 egg size boiled potatoes, small grilled salmon fillet and 50-80g mixed steamed vegetables or salad.
So while the music industry celebrates by ackStar humous e, you on the world to mage in y way ners know Expect wiespired ollections run and n.
99 you do have to be a serious mash fan to invest, though it's also useful for homemade humous, guacamole and soups.
Carrots are a good source of vitamin a (great for the skin) and humous contain healthy omega 3 fatty acids.
There are areas with filling matter and naturally deposited uncompacted matter with some humous content, it is important to get information on the composition and organic content of this matter.
The bread that was brought to the table was good and came with humous, butter and a bowl of oil and balsamic vinegar.