hunger marcher

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Noun1.hunger marcher - an unemployed person who participates in a hunger march
hunger march - a march of protest or demonstration by the unemployed
unemployed person - someone who is jobless
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CAMPAIGNERS: Liverpool members of the hunger marcher in October 1922
Ever since I was a boy I've heard his name spat out, for the way he set the troops on striking workers, dismissed hunger marchers as shirkers and sent 40,000 men to be slaughtered pointlessly at Gallipoli.
HUNGER MARCHERS FROM ALL PARTS THRO' FOG AND FROST A great army of unemployed invaded London today.
Boyle could have gone for Shakespeare's Britain, Downtown Abbey Britain, Last Night of the Proms Britain but instead he went for the Britain of suffragettes and hunger marchers - the rebels who shook the establishment and fought for the rights we now take for granted.
Those Jarrow Hunger Marchers think they had it tough," we shall cry.