hunter green

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hunter green

A dark yellowish green.


(or hunt′er's) green′,

a dark-green color.
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The trophies that these Kro-lu left to the meat-eaters would have turned an English big-game hunter green with envy.
He was most recently a financial adviser with Hunter Green Pty Ltd.
4/ GARDMAN WATERING CAN Galvanized steel, in Hunter Green, $28; amazon.
Elastic Wonder's color card offers a large range of choices from sorbet and ice cream shades of vanilla and melon to darker, murkier shades of merlot and hunter green.
The nicely curved frame has stainless liners as well and a choice of three scale materials: Carbon Fiber, Cocobolo and Hunter Green G10.
The 2018 Kodiak 700 line includes a new Tactical Black and Silver Metallic Special Edition (SE) with Yamaha's legendary On-Command(R) four-wheel drive system, a new Armour Grey mode and Hunter Green, Red and Realtree Xtra(R) models.
With lucite legs, Arches comes in blush pink, oiled walnut, hunter green, white, greystone and capri blue.
The 2015 Isuzu Crosswind introduces two new colors: Hunter Green and Dark Silver to the lineup of existing colors.
The colours used were from the popular Pantone list of 2015: tangerine, custard, treetop, dusky blue, tangerine, hunter green and various other natural hues.
We took a seat on the hunter green sofas in the lounge and perused the menu while we nibbled on toasted almonds and olives.
Parasol SWITCH: Hardwood hunter green patio umbrella with stand, pounds 93.
She said other colours being restricted were Bronze Star, Rugged Brown, Hunter Green, Ivory, and Billet Silver.