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Noun1.hunting guide - guide to people hunting in unfamiliar territoryhunting guide - guide to people hunting in unfamiliar territory
pathfinder, scout, guide - someone who can find paths through unexplored territory
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Presolicitation: Hunting guide services at lake clark national preserve
A chance meeting with an African hunting guide, Fritz Dietrich, shows Ray a door.
Over the weekend, a 14-year-old boy shot and killed a hunting guide in Maryland, US.
The American is believed to have shot the lion with a crossbow - with the help of a hunting guide and farm owner from Zimbabwe - before the wounded cat was tracked for 40 hours and Dr Palmer fatally shot him with a gun.
Dave Keiser was a great hunting guide, and also a great friend and mentor.
The Compassionate Hunter's Guidebook: Hunting from the Heart is a hunting guide that emphasizes sustainability, conservation, and the noble art of transforming one's prey into nourishing food.
Years ago, my good friend and hunting partner Craig Riche and I had a goose hunting guide service on the east side of Washington state.
A hunting guide survived 36 hours in the Alaskan wilderness after being mauled by a brown bear, Canadian air rescue teams confirmed.
He now returns regularly to serve as a hunting guide.
Lockerbie advertises his services online and through a nationwide hunting guide called The Stalking Directory.
He grows frustrated with a hunting guide who brags of indiscriminately killing snakes without first stopping to see if they're poisonous.
Hunting guide Brian Huey shares his experience in hunting predators from 6:30 p.