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A woman who hunts. See Usage Note at -ess.


(ˈhʌn trɪs)

a woman who hunts.
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Noun1.huntress - a woman hunterhuntress - a woman hunter      
hunter, huntsman - someone who hunts game


[ˈhʌntrɪs] Ncazadora f


nJägerin f
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Sancho went off at top speed, forcing Dapple out of his regular pace, and came to where the fair huntress was standing, and dismounting knelt before her and said, "Fair lady, that knight that you see there, the Knight of the Lions by name, is my master, and I am a squire of his, and at home they call me Sancho Panza.
It is true that the habit of a huntress became her admirably.
your parents have chosen you a bride built on the model of Diana, the huntress, and yet you are not content.
As the huntress Diana goes forth upon the mountains of Taygetus or Erymanthus to hunt wild boars or deer, and the wood nymphs, daughters of Aegis-bearing Jove, take their sport along with her (then is Leto proud at seeing her daughter stand a full head taller than the others, and eclipse the loveliest amid a whole bevy of beauties), even so did the girl outshine her handmaids.
Polymele, daughter of Phylas the graceful dancer, bore him; the mighty slayer of Argos was enamoured of her as he saw her among the singing women at a dance held in honour of Diana the rushing huntress of the golden arrows; he therefore--Mercury, giver of all good--went with her into an upper chamber, and lay with her in secret, whereon she bore him a noble son Eudorus, singularly fleet of foot and in fight valiant.
I dreamed of you sometimes as a huntress nymph gleaming white through the foliage and throwing this arrow like a dart straight at my heart.
Nor does laughter-loving Aphrodite ever tame in love Artemis, the huntress with shafts of gold; for she loves archery and the slaying of wild beasts in the mountains, the lyre also and dancing and thrilling cries and shady woods and the cities of upright men.
And now the Slayer of Argus with the golden wand has caught me up from the dance of huntress Artemis, her with the golden arrows.
I saw the modest, sleek glory of the tawny head, and the full, grey shape of the girlish print frock she filled so perfectly, so satisfactorily, with the seduction of unfaltering curves--a very nymph of Diana the Huntress.
Our software will help Compass lower costs even further, making it a win-win for everyone," said Carm Huntress, CEO of RxREVU.
About 90% of members are male so he was unlikely ever to find his huntress.
Philip Grove's Sydney 39 Cr Huntress had a consistent series to win Division B with Buildrite/G&R Isuzu (Larki Missiris) in second and Calibre (Richard Williams) rounding off the top three.