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v. hurled, hurl·ing, hurls
1. To throw with great force; fling. See Synonyms at throw.
2. To cause to move with great force or violence: The bus's sudden stop hurled the passengers to the floor.
3. To send with great vigor; thrust: hurled the army against the enemy.
4. To utter vehemently: hurled insults at the speaker.
5. Slang To vomit (the contents of the stomach).
1. To move with great speed, force, or violence; hurtle.
2. To throw something with force.
3. Slang To vomit.
4. Baseball To pitch the ball.

[Middle English hurlen.]

hurl n.
hurl′er n.
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Noun1.hurler - (baseball) the person who does the pitchinghurler - (baseball) the person who does the pitching; "our pitcher has a sore arm"
baseball, baseball game - a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players; teams take turns at bat trying to score runs; "he played baseball in high school"; "there was a baseball game on every empty lot"; "there was a desire for National League ball in the area"; "play ball!"
softball game, softball - a game closely resembling baseball that is played on a smaller diamond and with a ball that is larger and softer
ballplayer, baseball player - an athlete who plays baseball
left hander, left-handed pitcher, lefthander, left-hander, southpaw, lefty - a baseball pitcher who throws the ball with the left hand
right-handed pitcher, right-hander - (baseball) a pitcher who throws with the right hand
relief pitcher, reliever, fireman - a pitcher who does not start the game
screwballer - (baseball) a pitcher who throws screwballs
starting pitcher - (baseball) a pitcher who starts in a baseball game
thrower - someone who projects something (especially by a rapid motion of the arm)
References in classic literature ?
Thereby the weapon is instantly at hand to its hurler, who snatches it up as readily from its rest as a backwoodsman swings his rifle from the wall.
Offaly's problems with facilities have been well documented in recent years, with the hurlers training on the other side of the Tipperary border in Ballingarry on occasions.
At the festival, hurlers from the Portland-based Columbia Red Branch and the Benton Brigade were on hand to give residents a crash course in the game that became a crucial part of Irish history.
The hurlers came to the aid of the footballers last winter and went on strike in protest at the appointment of football boss Teddy Holland.
It would be great if this was our breakthrough year because they're a great bunch of lads who deserve the same type of recognition that the hurlers get.
On the team front, Galway would appear to be popular Stateside with the footballers edging out Dublin's hurlers and Sligo's footballers to claim top spot.
MEATH chief Sean Boylan sat back and scowled a fortnight ago as he watched Cork's hurlers take the All Ireland crown.
Brian Cuthbert's footballers were first to exit the Championship when they went down to a shock defeat to Kildare on Saturday night and yesterday Jimmy Barry Murphy's hurlers followed suit.
Revered as one of the greatest hurlers of all time, Doyle won six All-Irelands on what is considered to be Tipperary's best ever side between 1958 and 1971, lifting the Liam MacCarthy Cup as captain in 1962 and '65.
CAPTAIN Damien Casey says the Tyrone hurlers deserve just as much respect as the county footballers get.
JACK GUINEY says the Wexford hurlers are determined not to be a flash in the pan after their resurgence in last year's Championship.
But Meyler insists that they still produce the finest calibre of natural hurlers, albeit they may be lacking in other areas.