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npl -liespl -lies
1. commotion; hurly-burly; uproar; confusion
2. a variant spelling of hurley
3. dialect Scot a large wheeled barrow or hand-cart


(ˈhɜr li)

n., pl. hurl•ies.
commotion; hurly-burly.
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today reported that in connection with the appointment of each of Stephen Hurly as President and Chief Executive Officer.
Clinical-stage company Eleven Biotherapeutics (Nasdaq:EBIO) announced on Wednesday that it awarded inducement equity award to Stephen Hurly as (president and CEO), Arthur P.
A moving scrap metal sculpture, the Hurly Burly, which wowed visitors at last year's festival will also be bringing his sister, the Beast, along this year.
m not convinced that Ander Herrera (fully adjusted to the hurly burly of the Premier 'm not convinced that Ander Herrera (left) has left fully adjusted to the hurly burly of the Premier League.
Hurly Long dropped a birdie putt to give Oregon a one-stroke victory over USC in a playoff at the Itani Homes Collegiate men's golf tournament on Tuesday.
The two equally experienced lodge managers are Lance Hurly at Mokuti and Wikus Breytenbach at Midgard.
The excitement and anticipation of a race against Black Caviar, the hurly burly of the Arc and, most exciting of all, a trip to the Breeders' Cup has not materialised, and that is a shame.
The firm has named Stephen Hurly to the position, and he will replace Shawn Cross, who left the firm some months ago.
I CAUGHT Miss Polly Rae in burlesque at London's Garrick Theatre in the The Hurly Burly Show this week - and she was a sensation.
Future Bloc confirmed its commitment to continue its calm approach and the use of dialogue despite all political hurly burly which more often than not seeped its venom into the media.
Hurly, 45, just a few hours before the show, was terrified by the thought of attending the show in a 'bath robe' as British Airways airline had almost lost her suitcase that contained all her pink outfit options as she arrived in Glasgow, Scotland.
Best is bitter protest song Send Them Kids To War, although its message tends to get lost amid the hurly burly blend of Celtic and Indian influences.