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v. hurt, hurt·ing, hurts
a. To cause physical damage or pain to (an individual or a body part); injure: The fall hurt his back.
b. To experience injury or pain to or in (an individual or a body part): I hurt my knee skiing.
2. To cause mental or emotional suffering to; distress: The remark hurt his feelings.
3. To cause physical damage to (something); harm: The frost hurt the orange crop.
4. To be detrimental to; hinder or impair: The scandal hurt the candidate's chances for victory.
1. To have or produce a feeling of physical pain or discomfort: My leg hurts.
a. To cause distress or damage: Parental neglect hurts.
b. To have an adverse effect: "It never hurt to have a friend at court" (Tom Clancy).
3. Informal To experience distress, especially of a financial kind; be in need: "Even in a business that's hurting there's always a guy who can make a buck" (New York).
1. Something that hurts; a pain, injury, or wound.
2. Mental suffering; anguish: getting over the hurt of reading the letter.
3. A wrong; harm: What hurt have you done to them?

[Middle English hurten, possibly from Old French hurter, to bang into, perhaps of Germanic origin.]

hurt′er n.


an object or part that gives protection, such as a concrete block that protects a building from traffic or the shoulder of an axle against which the hub strikes
[C14 hurtour, from Old French hurtoir something that knocks or strikes, from hurter to hurt1]
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