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One whose occupation is husbandry; a farmer.


n, pl -men
(Agriculture) a farmer


(ˈhʌz bənd mən)

n., pl. -men.
a farmer.
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Noun1.husbandman - a person who operates a farmhusbandman - a person who operates a farm  
contadino - an Italian farmer
creator - a person who grows or makes or invents things
agriculturalist, agriculturist, cultivator, grower, raiser - someone concerned with the science or art or business of cultivating the soil
apiarist, apiculturist, beekeeper - a farmer who keeps bees for their honey
dairy farmer, dairyman - the owner or manager of a dairy
arboriculturist, tree farmer, forester - someone trained in forestry
plantation owner, planter - the owner or manager of a plantation
rancher - a person who owns or operates a ranch
smallholder - a person owning or renting a smallholding
small farmer - a farmer on a small farm
sower - someone who sows
stock farmer, stock raiser, stockman - farmer who breed or raises livestock
tenant farmer - a farmer who works land owned by someone else
tiller - someone who tills land (prepares the soil for the planting of crops)
References in classic literature ?
And now let us see how our city will be able to supply this great demand: We may suppose that one man is a husbandman, another a builder, some one else a weaver--shall we add to them a shoemaker, or perhaps some other purveyor to our bodily wants?
the individual husbandman, for example, producing for four, and labouring four times as long and as much as he need in the provision of food with which he supplies others as well as himself; or will he have nothing to do with others and not be at the trouble of producing for them, but provide for himself alone a fourth of the food in a fourth of the time, and in the remaining three-fourths of his time be employed in making a house or a coat or a pair of shoes, having no partnership with others, but supplying himself all his own wants?
Then more than four citizens will be required; for the husbandman will not make his own plough or mattock, or other implements of agriculture, if they are to be good for anything.
Suppose now that a husbandman, or an artisan, brings some production to market, and he comes at a time when there is no one to exchange with him,--is he to leave his calling and sit idle in the market-place?
for I continued to plant when others had begun to hoe -- the ministerial husbandman had not suspected it.
The true husbandman will cease from anxiety, as the squirrels manifest no concern whether the woods will bear chestnuts this year or not, and finish his labor with every day, relinquishing all claim to the produce of his fields, and sacrificing in his mind not only his first but his last fruits also.
As 'tis the Plough that does the World maintain: The Husbandman the Land, we plough the Main.
Flower, husbandman of Knightsbridge, being at Robinson's shop door, said there was a great stir in London with the apprentices for the good of the Commonwealth; that 1,800 of them had pulled down the pillories in Cheapside and Leadenhall, and set up a gallows against the door of the Lord Mayor, whom they would hang if he dared come out, but he dared not; and that 3,000 were lying in the fields, with bills and clubs, to rescue the apprentices, if anything were done to them.
Noah became a husbandman, planted a vineyard and drank from that wine.
Primrose, a man who, as Goldsmith writes in the Advertisement, "unites in himself the three greatest characters upon earth; he is a priest, an husbandman, and the father of a family" (3).
Glosses are provided for many words that either appear in modern dictionaries or, if used by Browne in ways that differ slightly from modern usage, seem clear enough in their context: in Religio Medici alone, glosses are provided for importunity, singularity, clime, prelates, usurpation, scrupulous, take up the gauntlet, extirpate, inveigle (spelled differently in text and in key word in gloss), solecism, equivocal (twice), cosmography, prodigies, hieroglyphics, Pentateuch, legerdemain, changelings, progenies, antipathies (twice), construe, memento mori, livery, flaming mountains ("volcanoes"), inundation, reprehension, impostures, peccadillo, quotidian, prating, husbandman, deleterious.
Genesis 9:20-25 reads: "And Noach the husbandman began, and planted a vineyard.