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a. A bulbous Mediterranean plant (Hyacinthus orientalis) having narrow leaves and a terminal raceme of variously colored, usually fragrant flowers, with a funnel-shaped perianth.
b. Any of several similar or related plants, such as the grape hyacinth.
2. Greek Mythology A plant, perhaps the larkspur, gladiolus, or iris, that sprang from the blood of the slain Hyacinthus.
3. A deep purplish blue to vivid violet.
a. A reddish or cinnamon-colored variety of transparent zircon, used as a gemstone. Also called jacinth.
b. A blue precious stone, perhaps the sapphire, known in antiquity.

[Latin hyacinthus, from Greek huakinthos, wild hyacinth.]

hy′a·cin′thine (-sĭn′thĭn, -thīn′) adj.
References in classic literature ?
Accursed ground Henceforth I hold thy flower-enamelled shore, O hyacinthine isle
It was soon done, and the dark hyacinthine curves fell on her neck.