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(ˌhaɪəlɪnaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


(Medicine) med the process whereby tissue degenerates into a translucent glass-like substance, or the state of being hyaline
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Noun1.hyalinization - the state of being hyaline or having become hyaline; "the patient's arterioles showed marked hyalinization"
condition, status - a state at a particular time; "a condition (or state) of disrepair"; "the current status of the arms negotiations"


n. hialinización, conversión a una sustancia semejante al vidrio.
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Diffuse vascular hyalinization was present throughout the tumor.
Phase I lesions are reported in all species lacking dystrophin (humans, mice, dogs and cats) and are characterized by hyalinization, hypertrophy, intracellular accumulation of calcium salts and necrosis with subsequent regeneration of myofibers to compensate degeneration, in addition to the expressive inflammatory response (NGUYEN et al.
In addition, degenerative changes, including hyalinization, myxoid stroma, hemorrhage, calcification, and macrophage clusters or granulation-like tissue, are common in the cyst wall (67%, 26 of 39; Figure 1, C through F).
However, these procedures have been reported to be frequently followed by the development of myringosclerosis, a hyalinization and calcification of the tympanic membrane that is not related to significant hearing loss [17].
The lamina propria showed pauci-cellularity, patchy hyalinization, and fibrosis.
The Antoni B region is a hypocellular zone characterized by predominance of a loose myxoid stroma with degenerative changes, such as formation of cysts, calcifications, hemorrhages, hyalinization, and inflammatory infiltrate.
Its characteristic histopathological features are defined as a patternless form of growth, spindle cells, hypo- and hypercellular sites, keloid-like hyalinization, neural type palisade formation, and ectatic branching vasculature.
The results revealed that in the irradiated group (Group II), the myocardial muscles were necrotic with leucocytes infiltration, fibrinoid necrosis in coronary vessel, edema and hyalinization of myocardial muscles were remarked which is in agreement with the previous results observed by Baker et al.
CsA causes nephrotoxicity which is characterised by arteriolar hyalinization, shrunken glomeruli and stripped tubular necrosis.
Subepithelial fibrous tissue revealed a zone of hyalinization (Fig.
It is also associated with irregular thinning and hyalinization of the cartilage adjacent to the cavity.
There was increased hyalinization of the papillary dermis with newly deposited collagen fibers.