Having many facets or aspects, especially difficult or intractable ones: a hydra-headed social problem.


1. containing many problems or obstacles.
2. having many branches, divisions, facets, etc.
References in classic literature ?
I was a little surprised to see Turks and Greeks playing newsboy right here in the mysterious land where the giants and genii of the Arabian Nights once dwelt--where winged horses and hydra-headed dragons guarded enchanted castles--where Princes and Princesses flew through the air on carpets that obeyed a mystic talisman--where cities whose houses were made of precious stones sprang up in a night under the hand of the magician, and where busy marts were suddenly stricken with a spell and each citizen lay or sat, or stood with weapon raised or foot advanced, just as he was, speechless and motionless, till time had told a hundred years!
Unfortunately, nincompoops have grasped their hydra-headed tentacles on the future generation and the education system.
The killing of a 50-year old Muslim man by a mob in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh in India for allegedly eating beef is not just a deeply shocking incident, but it is also a disturbing symptom of what ails today's India -- a growing communal intolerance that is giving birth to hydra-headed bigotry straddling the social spectrum.
Whether it is the butchered school children in Peshawar or innocent civilians falling prey to mindless terror acts in India, the message is loud and clear - it is time for both India and Pakistan to jointly confront the hydra-headed monster called terrorism.
Funny, painful and (for a certain demo) all too relatable, it exudes the singular voice of this hydra-headed duo whose many hats include writing, producing, directing and, in Mark's case, headlining.
These are not comments from the history books but examples this summer of an ugly, Hydra-headed phenomenon experiencing a dramatic surge since the most recent Hamas-Israel conflict broke out in June.
The beast that Pollitt and Doyle and a growing wing of the hydra-headed Abortion Movement is determined to slay is the Paleolithic notion that there is the slightest moral component to slaying one's kid.
He must, for once at least, try to comprehend what monstrosity is blighting this nation so fatally and then stand up to face up to this hydra-headed monster.
We need a comprehensive approach to stare down this hydra-headed monster which has national, regional and international tentacles," he said.
This unwieldy, hydra-headed action illustrates why a claim of whistleblower retaliation is supposed to be brought by 'an employee.
Will we use the hydra-headed reappearance of cholera in Haiti as an impetus to adapt and respond, learning from our successes and failures, or will we be ill-prepared when cholera appears in the next Zimbabwe, the next Afghanistan, the next Haiti?
It is a hydra-headed beast," said Don Vangel, director of bank regulatory advisory services at Ernst & Young.