Having many facets or aspects, especially difficult or intractable ones: a hydra-headed social problem.


1. containing many problems or obstacles.
2. having many branches, divisions, facets, etc.
References in classic literature ?
I was a little surprised to see Turks and Greeks playing newsboy right here in the mysterious land where the giants and genii of the Arabian Nights once dwelt--where winged horses and hydra-headed dragons guarded enchanted castles--where Princes and Princesses flew through the air on carpets that obeyed a mystic talisman--where cities whose houses were made of precious stones sprang up in a night under the hand of the magician, and where busy marts were suddenly stricken with a spell and each citizen lay or sat, or stood with weapon raised or foot advanced, just as he was, speechless and motionless, till time had told a hundred years!
Furthermore, some other factors like the rise of China and the competing forces of globalisation in an altered geopolitical situation, Asean's handling of the Asian financial crisis and rapid proliferation of the hydra-headed monster of terrorism across the globe swayed India's perception toward the region accordingly.
THE arrest of a 'most wanted militant' by police in Karachi on Friday illustrates the hydra-headed nature of the battle against violent extremism.
The hydra-headed monster of circular debt is alive and kicking again at an over Rs500 billion mark.
He reasoned that net exportation of petroleum product target would be met in 2019; and that more Greenfield refinery would make Nigeria a dependable economy, even as he noted that sequel to the synergy with the private refineries, particularly the Azikel Refinery Nigeria the hydra-headed problem of fuel scarcity, long vehicular queues and importation, as well as unemployment would end soon.
Trump, an outsider con man who hustled his way into the most prestigious insider job in America by mastering the art of the troll, has not to date found his social media equal among the hydra-headed opposition.
Abandoning them would be a bad mistake, but it would also be wrong to let this hydra-headed conflict keep festering.
But - as my friend found out two decades ago - Kenyan politics is the realm of hydra-headed nightmares, not Cartesian logic.
Ultimately though, without a holistic approach to the drug problem, any mere police response will not decisively solve its roots and prevent its recurrence like a hydra-headed monster that refuses to die.
It is a hydra-headed strategy, targetting Palestine, Afghanistan, Iran, China, North Korea and Pakistan in particular.
Hidden Pain BENEATH the mangled silence Lie bleeding hearts at home Unhealed, forever injured For loved ones, no more to roam Our laws of justice abandoned No sense, just confusion reigns As the hydra-headed monster Strikes again and again and again Good triumphs over evil they say Love conquers all But numb from incomprehension We need a more consoling call We're part of a material world Prisoners of the Natural Law Victims of disaster, no mercy No escape through a hidden door Are we but the cruel pangs Of an aching, dying star With no answers to our rage To sufferance pushed too far?
Tragically, a sharp escalation in violence in the country since the 1990s has culminated in hydra-headed conflict, involving international adversaries.