hydrated lime

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Noun1.hydrated lime - a caustic substance produced by heating limestonehydrated lime - a caustic substance produced by heating limestone
hydrated oxide, hydroxide - a compound of an oxide with water
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This success indicates that, regardless of the method used, hydrated lime effectively reacts with both the aggregate and the binder in asphalt mixes.
The use of hydrated lime in football pitch markings was phased out by the Football Association from 1995.
As soon as you see the first flower buds emerging it is worth applying 2ozs of hydrated lime to two gallons of water in a watering can and applying this solution to 10ft of bean row.
You can also make simple milk paint yourself from a combination of commercially available casein, distilled water, mason's hydrated lime and borax.
Fly ash, a common waste material produced by the combustion of coal and one of the world's most commonly used pozzolans, is characterized by an ability to react with hydrated lime from cement to form a hardened cementitious material.
The NLC product range includes hydrated lime (slaked lime), quicklime, crushed limestone and agricultural lime.
Romans lacked the type of quick-setting cement available today, Thomas explains in "How Pumice Pozzolans Super-Charge Concrete Performance," adding, "They used hydrated lime, a cementitious product made from limestone which has been heated to drive off the carbon dioxide and transform calcium carbonate into calcium oxide (lime) + [H.
A Sudanese research team studies the effect of hydrated lime on expansive soil subgrade for flexible pavement while another from South Africa assesses whether their road construction industry is equipped to implement climate change mitigation practices.
They were treated after being in contact with calcium hydroxide, known more commonly as hydrated lime.
The expansion will focus on producing hydrated lime for acid gas control in the greater Cincinnati area.
Breen Energy Solutions was contracted to test the effectiveness of injecting hydrated lime for the control and removal of SO3 in flue gas by a leading electrical generation company.