hydraulic engineering

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Noun1.hydraulic engineering - the branch of civil engineering dealing with the use and control of water in motionhydraulic engineering - the branch of civil engineering dealing with the use and control of water in motion
civil engineering - the branch of engineering concerned with the design and construction of such public works as dams or bridges
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it includes the shell construction of the sandfang building, the construction of the entire water intake and the hydraulic engineering works.
Among their topics are Inca water worship and religion, hydraulic engineering, buildings, cliff carvings, bath of the princess complex, the Rio Patakancha watershed, mountainside hydrology, and Inca roads.
Soetaert-Solitech specialises in hydraulic engineering, civil engineering and complex foundation techniques and its activities are fully in line with those of Jan De Nul's civil department.
MERSEYSIDE-BASED hydraulic engineering company Yuken Europe is showcasing its latest motors at the UK's largest plastic industry exhibition.
The Rio Tinto Mine site that was operated between 1932 and 1976 has an associated mill, heap leach pads and mine tailings in the nearby Mill Creek, which the company will remove for placement in an on-site repository, provide hydraulic engineering services to improve the creek and restore the local redband trout habitat and enhance water quality in the creek and the East Fork Owyhee River as well.
The Stockton firm has signed the collaboration agreement with Aberdeen-based Schoolhill Hydraulic Engineering to increase the scope of work they can offer on projects in the oil and gas sector.
Born in 1959, Aliyev graduated from Azerbaijan Civil Engineering Institute's Hydraulic Engineering Programme in 1981.
12 April 2012 - Austrian builder Strabag SE (ETR:XD4) said on Thursday it had taken over domestic hydraulic engineering firm Brandner Wasserbau GmbH, in a move to expand into this sector in Austria after having built a top position in Germany.
He was appointed to the chair of hydraulic engineering at the Royal Indian College in Surrey and in 1884 became the first professor of civil and mechanical engineering at City and Guilds London Central Technical College.
The line installed in Zavolzhie will produce staple fiber polyester nonwovens in a range from 100 to 800 gsm, six meters wide and able to satisfy the different requirements of civil and hydraulic engineering, such as reinforcement of roads, anti-contamination layer of landfill sites, ground drainage or in railway networks.
In February 2010, Sweco acquired Polish sector player Hydroprojekt Krakow, which provides consulting services for hydraulic engineering and water resource management.
Kuo Toong, a water pipe supplier, is also benefiting from China's rapid development of irrigation and hydraulic engineering works.

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