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 (hī′drō-sĕf′ə-ləs) also hy·dro·ceph·a·ly (-lē)
A usually congenital condition in which an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the cerebral ventricles causes enlargement of the skull and compression of the brain, destroying much of the neural tissue.

[New Latin, from Greek hudrokephalon : hudro-, hydro- + kephalē, head; see ghebh-el- in Indo-European roots.]

hy′dro·ce·phal′ic (-sə-făl′ĭk), hy′dro·ceph′a·loid′ (-loid′), hy′dro·ceph′a·lous (-ləs) adj.
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Adj.1.hydrocephalic - relating to or characterized by or evidencing hydrocephalus
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One might have fancied that the big-headed babies were toppling over with their hydrocephalic attempts to reckon up the children of men who transform their benefactors into their injurers by the same process.
Cranofacial configuration and postcranial development of a hydrocephalic child (ca 2500 B.
The new catheter will be used for insertion into a ventricular cavity of the brain for external drainage of cerebrospinal fluid in patients with elevated intracranial pressure, intraventricular hemorrhage, or hydrocephalic shunt infections, added the company's CEO Chad Seaver.
She quietly pulls a towel over her face as a visitor to the Peace Village ward in Tu Du Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, starts to take a picture of her enlarged, hydrocephalic head.
Another woman underwent hysterotomy and tubal ligation to deliver the hydrocephalic foetus as she had already two caesarean scars.
The aliens ('xenomorphs', I believe is the term) are limited characters, even as they grow hydrocephalic and unnervingly monkey-like; the next-level stuff in Alien: Covenant comes from the machines -- specifically David, the serene synthetic from Scott's Prometheus , who's come to realise that his human creators are unworthy of their creations.
The purpose of the project is to reduce mortality rate from hydrocephalus, mitigate its complications, improve the well-being of patients to enable them to live normally, help poor families with hydrocephalic members and promote solidarity and compassion in society.
In the public school I attended in Canada as a young child, an imbecilic, hydrocephalic boy was one day brought to class.
It is a long fight and a hard one to keep a hydrocephalic child going," Dahl wrote in Ladies Home Journal.
Cervical meningomyelocele associated with spina bifida in a hydrocephalic miniature colt.
Progressive fibrinoid degeneration of fibrillary astrocytes associated with mental retardation in a hydrocephalic infant.