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 (hī′drō-sĕf′ə-ləs) also hy·dro·ceph·a·ly (-lē)
A usually congenital condition in which an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the cerebral ventricles causes enlargement of the skull and compression of the brain, destroying much of the neural tissue.

[New Latin, from Greek hudrokephalon : hudro-, hydro- + kephalē, head; see ghebh-el- in Indo-European roots.]

hy′dro·ce·phal′ic (-sə-făl′ĭk), hy′dro·ceph′a·loid′ (-loid′), hy′dro·ceph′a·lous (-ləs) adj.
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Noun1.hydrocephaly - an abnormal condition in which cerebrospinal fluid collects in the ventricles of the brain; in infants it can cause abnormally rapid growth of the head and bulging fontanelles and a small face; in adults the symptoms are primarily neurological
abnormalcy, abnormality - an abnormal physical condition resulting from defective genes or developmental deficiencies
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But for Sascha, life did not begin easy, in fact life began with Sascha being very disabled and having a condition called spina bifida, hydrocephaly and Arnold Chiari II.
Off-label use in Brazil, for example, has been associated with the birth of children with hydrocephaly, partial facial paralysis, clubfeet, or fused or missing fingers and toes.
Before 1960, only a small percentage of children with SB could survive (10%), since most of them were dying due to reasons, such as infection and hydrocephaly (4).
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2005], neuroblastic necrosis and hydrocephaly have been reported in ETU-exposed rat embryos at doses far lower than those that caused observable toxic signs in the rat dam (Khera 1987).
calves 2 4 Method of death Euthanasia 2 3 Spontaneous 0 1 Bodyweight, kg 49 [+ or -] 4 39 [+ or -] 3 ([double dagger]) ([section]) Axial musculoskeletal system Defect location Cervical 0 2 Thoracic 0 0 Lumbar 0 0 Type of deviation Lateral 0 2 Dorso-ventral 0 0 Helicoidal 0 0 Appendicular musculo-skeletal system Arthrogryposis 0 3 ([greater than or equal to]1 limb involved) Symetric limb NA 3 involvement Forelimb/hind limb NA 0 involvement Forelimbs only NA 2 Hind limbs only NA 1 Head Coaptation defect Prognathism 0 0 Brachygnathism 0 1 Altered profile Horse-like 0 1 Pig-like 0 0 Broken sagittal axis 0 1 Central nervous system Porencephaly 2 3 Hydranencephaly 1 1 Hydrocephaly 0 0 Cerebellar hypoplasia 0 0 Micromyelia 2 4 Characteristic WBD-2 WBD-3 ([dagger]) ([dagger]) No.
Stephan's medical birth history was significant and included a left hemisphere brain lesion, hydrocephaly with shunt placement, and probable sleep apnea.
They included hydrocephaly and microcephaly, as well as cardiopulmonary, skeletal, and genitourinary malformations.
She was advised to attend the clinical follow-up, since no neurological deficits were detected and ventricular hydrocephaly or syringomyeli were not observed on cranial MRI.
In a large study of the medical birth registry in Norway, 192,417 children born between 1967 and 1991 to parents identified as farmers had a moderately increased risk for spina bifida and hydrocephaly, and limb reduction defects were associated with pesticide exposure.
0 [micro]g/g BW showed abnormalities underdeveloped lateral part of cerebellum, hydrocephaly and enlarged 4rth ventricle (Figure 2c and 2d).