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1. A process in which olefinic and carbocyclic petroleum products are converted to high-octane branched-chain alkanes in the presence of hydrogen and a catalyst under pressure and heat.
2. A manufacturing technique in which high-pressure hydraulic fluid is used to mold a sheet or tube of metal stock by forcing it against the surface of a die.

hy′dro·form′er n.


1. (Chemistry) the catalytic reforming of petroleum to increase the proportion of aromatic and branched-chain hydrocarbons
2. (General Engineering) engineering a forming process in which a metal component is shaped by a metal punch forced against a die, consisting of a flexible bag containing a fluid
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There's a better way, and one that--once you've made the initial investment of $180 to $200 for a custom hydroforming die--costs you only time, and not much of that.
Interest in hydroforming is growing, Jonathan Ball, hydroforming sales manager at Schuler Inc.
The new pole-mounted TraffiCompact housing impresses with its ergonomic design and functionality made possible by a new hydroforming production process.
Hydroforming uses high-pressure hydraulic fluid to compress a working material against a stationary die or moving punch to shape an article.
Our core capability here is sheet metal fabrication and forming; brake forming, hydroforming, roll forming.
7] proposed a new method to assess the probability of failure of the tube hydroforming process; avoiding the traditional research method relying on the experiment, Li et al.
Forming fluids include rolling oils, drawing and stamping compounds, forging compounds, die-casting compounds, and hydroforming fluids.
The keynote addresses cover advanced in-process control systems for sheet stamping and tube hydroforming processes, and beta-forging titanium Ti6Al4V alloy powders: phase evolution modeling and strain-rate relation.
Vehma International, an engineering and prototype division within the Cosma International operating unit of Magna, manufactured and integrated the multi-material body-in-white, closures, chassis and bumper components using a variety of innovative processes, such as hydroforming, stamping, roll forming and diecasting.
Canada is also a world leader in injection and blow moulding, hydroforming, ferrous and non-ferrous casting, powder metal coating and fabrication to name but a few.