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n. pl. hy·drog·ra·phies
1. The scientific description and analysis of the physical conditions, boundaries, flow, and related characteristics of the earth's surface waters.
2. The mapping of bodies of water.

hy·drog′ra·pher n.
hy′dro·graph′ic (hī′drə-grăf′ĭk) adj.
hy′dro·graph′i·cal·ly adv.
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I have stated in the preface to the first Edition of this work, and in the Zoology of the Voyage of the Beagle, that it was in consequence of a wish expressed by Captain Fitz Roy, of having some scientific person on board, accompanied by an offer from him of giving up part of his own accommodations, that I volunteered my services, which received, through the kindness of the hydrographer, Captain Beaufort, the sanction of the Lords of the Admiralty.
Listen to keynote briefings from senior flag officers within the Royal Navy such as Rear Admiral Keith Blount, Assistant Chief of Naval Staff, Aviation, Amphibious Capability and Carries and Rear Admiral Tim Lowe, National Hydrographer
49) Plancius was the first hydrographer of the United East India Company (VOC) and his maps were prepared to assist his project of encouraging Amsterdam merchants to engage in the spice trade by undertaking voyages to the Moluccas.
He called for conferring suitable national awards on Commodore Zafar Mansoor Tipu, Pakistan Navy's General; Commodore M Arshad, Navy's Hydrographer and Dr Asif Inam, DG Continental Shelf project and a director of NIO.
Pavy's Arctic interest was sparked by a lecture on the subject of the exploration of the North Pole by Gustave Lambert, a hydrographer with the French government.
The fortunes of the 2014 Victoria Strait Expedition changed on September 1 when Scott Youngblut, a hydrographer with the Canadian Hydrographic Service offered Stenton and Park a seat on the coast guard helicopter piloted by Stirling that he shared with the archaeologists.
Seller was the Royal Hydrographer and mathematical instrument maker to King Charles II and James II, as well as a major publisher of maps and charts.
His achievements included a large scale map of Poland, appointments as geographer to the Venetian Republic, and as hydrographer to the Depot de Marine in Paris.
These include Drag Milton (birth name Dragisa Milutinovic) a Serbian refugee who worked for 15 years as a miner at Clara Vale Pit, Phil Lynch the hydrographer for Port of Tyne, Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah and former Live Theatre board member and the exdeputy vice chancellor of Newcastle University, Paul Younger.
Among the people Chaplin met on his own river walk in 2011, while researching Tyne View, were Serbian refugee Drag Milton, born Dragisa Milutinovic, who was a miner for 15 years at Clara Vale Pit; Port of Tyne hydrographer Phil Lynch; Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah and former Live Theatre board member - and ex-deputy vice chancellor of Newcastle University - Paul Younger.
Carlos Enrique Gamarra, Vice Admiral (retired), Hydrographer, Adviser to the Office for Law of the Sea of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as Special Adviser;