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I have stated in the preface to the first Edition of this work, and in the Zoology of the Voyage of the Beagle, that it was in consequence of a wish expressed by Captain Fitz Roy, of having some scientific person on board, accompanied by an offer from him of giving up part of his own accommodations, that I volunteered my services, which received, through the kindness of the hydrographer, Captain Beaufort, the sanction of the Lords of the Admiralty.
Hydrographers of Sri Lanka Navy and Indian Navy completed the survey within a period of six weeks.
Hydrographers were, however, aware that their methods of surveying were not flawless.
The initial planners and hydrographers at the time of conceiving the Port faltered and could not rightly estimate the annual maintenance dredging quantum and cost which was far low comparing as of today's 5/USD per cubic meter and cutter dredging cost of USD 20/- per cubic meter.
These resources came to light after a scientific study by a team of Navy's Hydrographers and civilian oceanographers which had worked over the matter for 20 years .
Among the Oinji and Miai tribes of the Mamama Valley Managalasi, the Ujawa hut is constructed slightly differently from those tribes inhabiting the southwestern foothills of the Hydrographers.
Among many hand drawn maps by early sailors and hydrographers I find [in the van Keulen collection] a chart whereon the two voyages of Tasman are laid down.
The 11 floors could accommodate 250,000 standing up, and more than 1,000 Cunard staff worked in the building, from hydrographers mapping the world's tides to an experimental chef.
One of the features of the arbitration was its receipt of, and reliance upon, the work of noted hydrographers and scientists, including Professor Clive Schofield, Professor Victor Prescott, Mr Robert van der Poll, and Mr Grant Boyes, who was retained by the Tribunal as an independent expert (see [132]-[134]).
We learn, for instance, about why Normandy became such a cartographic hotspot during the 16th century, about why London's hydrographers were so prized and about the dynasties of mapmakers who cornered the market in their particular corners of the world.
Hydrographers Passage: Hydrographers Passage offers a track through the Great Barrier Reef in central Queensland, linking the ports of Hay Point and Dalrymple Bay, as well as Mackay with the Coral Sea.
Philippine and Indonesian officials endorsed the EEZ agreement for signing during meetings over the weekend, when diplomats, hydrographers and cartographers from both sides drafted the final text and details of the map showing the EEZ limits.

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