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Adj.1.hydrographical - of or relating to the science of hydrography
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Then, chart in hand, we reviewed the travels of the French navigator, his voyages of circumnavigation, his double detention at the South Pole, which led to the discovery of Adelaide and Louis Philippe, and fixing the hydrographical bearings of the principal islands of Oceania.
Its particular geological and hydrographical characteristics, such as the lack of rivers and surface water, and the karst and impermeable soils, have prevented producers to adopt tilapia farming technologies from other regions of Mexico.
Third, no right of transit passage exists through a strait that contains a route through the high seas or exclusive economic zone that is of similar convenience as the strait, so long as the alternative route meets the test with respect to navigational and hydrographical characteristics.
Data presented offer new information on the stage-dependent horizontal and vertical distribution of Alaska plaice eggs in the Bering Sea and provide further evidence that the early life history stages of this species are vulnerable to near-surface variations in hydrographical conditions and climate forcing.
Holocene hydrographical changes of the eastern Laptev Sea (Siberian Arctic) recorded in [[delta].
The precision of the delineations is very high where the limits between the land units are represented by the hydrographical network.
Summary: ALGIERS- The Council of Government adopted Tuesday a draft executive decree amending the model statute of the 1995-created hydrographical basin agency.