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 (hī′drō-kə-nĕt′ĭk, -kī-) also hy·dro·ki·net·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
1. Of or relating to hydrokinetics.
2. Of or relating to the kinetic energy and motion of fluids.


(ˌhaɪdrəʊkɪˈnɛtɪk; -kaɪ-) or


1. (General Physics) of or concerned with fluids that are in motion
2. (General Physics) of or concerned with hydrokinetics


(ˌhaɪ droʊ kɪˈnɛt ɪk, -kaɪ-)

1. of or pertaining to the motion of liquids.
2. of or pertaining to hydrokinetics.
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Adj.1.hydrokinetic - relating to fluids in motion or the forces that produce or affect such motion
hydrostatic - relating to fluids at rest or to the pressures they exert or transmit; "hydrostatic pressure"
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The cutting-edge US hydrokinetic technology to be evaluated for the Seyhan plant demonstrates Turkey s leadership in exploring new clean energy sources.
Nation's First Hydrokinetic Power Project is the Focus of Award
eGen is a leader is the development of low flow low impact hydrokinetic energy solutions.
The equipment is a submersible hydrokinetic system designed for smaller river applications in water depths of 15 ft or more.
Paul District Commander, yesterday toured the nation's first federally-licensed, commercially-operational hydrokinetic power facility in Hastings, MN.
Alaska Power & Telephone Company (AP&T) is poised to take an historic plunge in the Yukon River near the towns of Eagle and Eagle Village this week with the cutting-edge deployment of Alaska's first 25-kilowatt low-impact hydrokinetic river turbine.
Installation of the main tranche is slated to kick off in 2016 and the $130m scheme will be the largest river-generated hydrokinetic turbine farm in the world.
5 /PRNewswire/ -- Hydro Green Energy, LLC has successfully completed the installation of one of two turbines at the nation's first-ever commercial hydrokinetic power project.
Boeing Defense, Space & Security and its partner RER Hydro have inked a multi-year deal with Canadian province Quebec, to offer 40 hydrokinetic turbines to be installed in the St.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved by a 5-0 vote the licensing and installation of the nation's first ever, commercially-operational hydrokinetic power station.
TREIA is a statewide nonprofit organization of companies, organizations and individuals involved or interested in solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and hydrokinetic energy development, products, and/or related services.
Boeing declared that along with its partner RER Hydro of Montreal, Canada has inked a multiyear agreement with the government of Quebec, Canada for the provision of 40 hydrokinetic turbines generating up to 9MW of clean, renewable power.