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 (hī-drŏl′ĭ-sāt′, hī′drə-lī′-) also hy·drol·y·zate (-zāt′)
A product of hydrolysis.




(Chemistry) a substance or mixture produced by hydrolysis
[C20: from hydrolysis + -ate1]


(haɪˈdrɒl əˌseɪt)

a compound formed by hydrolysis.
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Noun1.hydrolysate - a product of hydrolysis
product - a chemical substance formed as a result of a chemical reaction; "a product of lime and nitric acid"
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Studies with a protein hydrolysate from egg white revealed benefits for cardiovascular health and metabolic syndrome/ pre-diabetes.
He added that methyl eugenol was applied for trapping male flies while protein hydrolysate for trapping female flies in the orchards.
A salmon protein hydrolysate (SPH) has been developed which contains several angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory tripeptides.
Yeast hydrolysate can reduce body weight and abdominal fat accumulation in obese adults.
Nitrogen recovery was calculated as the protein content of hydrolysate relative to protein content in protein isolate before enzymatic hydrolysis [13].
The Drammatic[R] Liquid Fish hydrolysate contains the natural oils, amino acids, nutrients and minerals found in fish.
Germany is believed to have offered to take several hundred tons of hydrolysate, a liquid ingredient used in weapons production, which Syria has handed over.
The hydrolysate slurry was then heated to 50[degrees]C and the pH was adjusted to 7.
A whey protein hydrolysate that is bland and non-bitter is ideal for adding to beverages and powdered mixes without detrimentally affecting the flavour of the end product.
Among the topics are lectins with varying specificity and biological activity from marine bivalves, biological activities of proteins and marine-derived peptides from byproducts and seaweeds, producing lactobacilli proteinases for manufacturing bioactive peptides, antimicrobial activities of marine protein and peptides, the impact of fish-elastin hydrolysate on the skin and blood vessels, applying marine-derived peptides and proteins in the food industry, and the biological activity and application of marine-derived collagen.
Protein hydrolysate formulas contain pre-digested proteins and typically are fed to infants who cannot tolerate the intact proteins in other formulas.
The fishery wastes converted by proteolytic hydrolysis into a more marketable and functional form is called as fish protein hydrolysate [9].