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The reaction of water with another chemical compound to form two or more products, involving ionization of the water molecule and usually splitting the other compound. Examples include the catalytic conversion of starch to glucose, saponification, and the formation of acids or bases from dissolved ions.

hy′dro·lyte′ (-līt′) n.
hy′dro·lyt′ic (-drə-lĭt′ĭk) adj.


(Chemistry) of, concerned with, producing, or produced by hydrolysis
ˌhydroˈlytically adv


(ˌhaɪ drəˈlɪt ɪk)

of, producing, or resulting in hydrolysis.
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This hydrolytic reaction will sever or break some of the polymer chains, lowering the intrinsic viscosity of the polymer and resulting in reduced physical properties.
A recent study suggested that signaling mechanisms within particle-associated bacterial communities enhance the activity of hydrolytic proteins involved in POC degradation.
Moreover, the combination of aromaticity and long aliphatic chain delivers hydrolytic stability and high tensile, compression, and flexural strength to CNSL-based polyols.
Using it with polyester polyols helps polyurethane manufacturers create polymers with exceptional solvent resistance, hydrolytic stability, optical clarity, and toughness that will benefit a variety of markets.
Moreover, it is found that the hydrolytic degradation rates have been enhanced obviously in the PLLA/PDLA/clay nanocomposites than in PLLA/clay nanocomposite.
Activity of hydrolytic enzymes is essential for virulence of C.
Its efficacy lies in the specific nature of its bonds, which inhibit the hydrolytic action of the gastro-intestinal enzymes, thus allowing it to reach the intestines where it is fermented by endogenous intestinal flora.
Offered in a wide range of hardnesses, from 70 durometer A to 45 durometer D, the Zythane 7000 Series TPUs are said to offer excellent transparency when extruded natural, have excellent low temperature flexibility, provide outstanding hydrolytic stability, exhibit excellent microbial resistance, offer excellent tear strength and possess highly impressive resistance to weak bases and acids, according to the company.
They provide thermal and oxidation stability, high viscosity index, high flash point, low pour point, and hydrolytic stability while protecting against rust, oxidation and foaming.
The hydrolytic efficiencies of PON1 with many substrates are strongly modulated by a single nucleotide polymorphism in the PONI gene at position 192, where coding for the amino acid glutamine produces the Q isoenzyme and that for arginine produces the R isoenzyme (10).
Among the topics are the performance of composite cements in the repair of porcine thoracolumbar burst fracture in vitro, a magnetization method design of bulk multi-seeded high-temperature supercomputers, the microstructure and mechanical properties of a multi-model aluminum alloy with high strength, the mechanical evaluation of porous ceramics prepared by filtration with a framework structure of the polycrystalline fibers, and the effect of the gelation process on preparing aluminum titanate ultrafine powder by the hydrolytic sol-gel method.
The production of peptides through hydrolytic reactions seems to be the most promising technique to form proteinaceous antioxidants since peptides have substantially higher antioxidant activity than intact proteins.