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The treatment of metal or the separation of metal from ores and ore concentrates by liquid processes, such as leaching, extraction, and precipitation.

hy′dro·met′al·lur′gi·cal adj.


(ˌhaɪdrəʊˈmɛtəˌlɜːdʒɪ; -mɛˈtælədʒɪ)
(Metallurgy) a technique for the recovery of a metal from an aqueous medium in which the metal or the gangue is preferentially dissolved
ˌhydroˌmetalˈlurgical adj


(ˌhaɪ drəˈmɛt lˌɜr dʒi)

the process of extracting metals at ordinary temperatures by leaching ore with liquid solvents.
hy`dro•met`al•lur′gi•cal, adj.
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