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An instrument used to determine specific gravity, especially a sealed, graduated tube, weighted at one end, that sinks in a fluid to a depth used as a measure of the fluid's specific gravity.

hy′dro·met′ric (hī′drə-mĕt′rĭk), hy′dro·met′ri·cal adj.
hy′dro·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
hy·drom′e·try n.
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Adj.1.hydrometric - of or relating to hydrometry
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2016): management, operation and maintenance of the equipment to be put in place (mains drainage on water intakes, hydrometric and / or piezometric stations of the measuring network) .
In western Europe, 50% of the stations recorded a shift towards earlier floods a up to 15 days earlier a and in northeastern Europe, half of all hydrometric stations recorded an advance in the flood timing of around eight days.
Notwithstanding the rich record of hydrometric observations compiled by the U.
5) The panel members concluded that the licence permitted a water diversion approach "that is not supported by scientific precedent, appropriate modelling, or adequate field data", and that the withdrawal parameters "are arbitrary and have no basis in scientific theory or hydrometric modeling.
Hydrometric surveys are intended to augment planning data by
Flow and water level data for the rivers were obtained from the WSC hydrometric database (ECCC, 2016a).
Also, a frequency analysis (FA) of the maximum events of daily precipitation registered in 108 stations located in the basin, and the maximum daily flows registered in the same hydrometric stations was performed.
Data were recorded daily in the study area (San Pedro 11012 hydrometric station and meteorological stations Mexcaltitan 18022 and San Pedro 18032, separated by a distance of 35 km), and are provided in monthly report format by the National Water Council (CONAGUA by its Spanish acronym).
Bentley's Amulet platform can also be used to assess all available data feeds such as weather forecasts, radar data feeds and telemetry data from rain gauges and hydrometric stations, offering repository and dashboard applications to get a much better insight into the stormwater variability and system capacity.
This work estimates the intensity of the use of water resources by aquifer, based on georeferenced information, applying the ecological flow methodological approach for the Conchos River based on hydrometric records for the 1947-2011 period.
4, NINO3, NINO4, MEI), AO, NAO and PDO and also SST and SLP signals with monthly rainfall and discharge data (average and extreme values) of some raingauges and hydrometric stations over Madarsoo Watershed at upstream of Golestan Dam, Iran.