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An instrument used to determine specific gravity, especially a sealed, graduated tube, weighted at one end, that sinks in a fluid to a depth used as a measure of the fluid's specific gravity.

hy′dro·met′ric (hī′drə-mĕt′rĭk), hy′dro·met′ri·cal adj.
hy′dro·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
hy·drom′e·try n.
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Adj.1.hydrometric - of or relating to hydrometry
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Furthermore, their temporal and spatial variability using the analysis of stable isotopes and hydrometric measurements will be assessed.
The experiments included the measurement of soil texture via hydrometric method according to Stock's Law (the effect of mass and time on the collapse of soil particles) [9].
The three-day seminar includes 36 research working papers that will cover a number of themes on the urban construction, infrastructure, green spaces, public health, waste management, food safety, integrated water management, development of water resources, maintaining aflaj, water licenses, dams and the role of hydrometric monitoring.
Thus, a hydrometric diagram shows that the air contains a larger quantity of water vapors when it's hot than when it's cold.
Krasimir Dimitrov, head of Public order and security in the Sofia Municipality explained that the project is developed together with the Ministry of Education of Germany and that a number of hydrometric stations are under construction, Bulgaria's National Radio (BNR) informs.
The data on suspended sediment concentrations during the floods were taken from the measurements at hydrometric posts (Vaikasas 2010).
Flooding dynamics in a large low-gradient alluvial fan, the Okavango Delta, Botswana, from analysis and interpretation of a 30 year hydrometric record.
Investigating mechanisms of stormflow generation by natural tracers and hydrometric data: A small catchment study in the Black Forest, Germany.
Such variations are associated, mainly, with the alterations in hydrometric levels, which have come to be known as it has been attributed the concept of "flood pulses" (JUNK et al.
60) The number of laboratories dealing with water issues has dwindled, the network of hydrometric monitoring stations has been cut by one-fifth, and the world-renowned Experimental Lakes Area, a contiguous region of fifty-eight small lakes and their drainage basins located on the Canadian shield near Kenora, Ontario, has been severely hurt by cut backs in dollars and staff.
During the filling stage, the polymer at the mold surface is mainly subjected to shear stress in the xy-plane and normal stress along the x, y, and z-directions, which include the hydrometric pressure (18).
Daily values of water temperature of Lake Peipsi in 2004-2012 measured at the Mustvee hydrometric station (58[degrees]50'N, 26[degrees]57'E) were obtained from the Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of the Estonian Ministry of Environment.