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Of or relating to a heating or cooling system that transfers heat by circulating a fluid through a closed system of pipes.

[hydr(o)- + -onic (as in electronic).]


(General Engineering) of or relating to the transfer of water through a pipe system in a heating or cooling system
hyˈdronically adv


(haɪˈdrɒn ɪk)

of or pertaining to a heating or cooling system in which circulating water is the medium for carrying heat, usu. aided by a pump.
[1945–50; probably hydr-1 + (electr) onic]
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This design allows heating and cooling energy flow to be conducted hydronically, which is more effective than via air distribution, while ventilation air is provided through the DOAS through the total energy recovery wheel.
An experimental facility has been built to investigate the feasibility of using a ground source heat pump to hydronically heat small scale models of a bridge deck and a pavement.
Also, using heat pumps allowed for the transfer of heat, hydronically, from interior zones to perimeter ones, which permitted heating the large glass fagades in the atria with internal heat, rather than generating heat from primary sources.
She organized the house around a hydronically heated concrete floor and structural walls made of Durisol, blocks of recycled wood fiber and cement that contain fiberglass-like rock-wool insulation.