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A hydrated hydrogen ion, H3O+. Also called hydronium ion.

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The decrease in lead uptake by acid desorbent might be due to the increase of the concentrations of competing hydronium ions.
At lower pH (acidic pH), the adsorbent surface will be completely covered with hydronium ions which compete strongly with metal ions for adsorption sites.
Monochloramine + Oxidized Site on the Activated Carbon Surface + Water [right arrow] Nitrogen + Hydronium Ion + Chloride Ion + Activated Carbon Surface
A low pH indicates a high concentration of hydronium ions, while a high pH indicates a low concentration.
The columns used were: (1) Cation trap column CS12A high efficiency cation-exchange resin in the hydronium form, (4 x 250 mm) analytical.
Hydrogen sulphide also reacts with water molecules to form hydronium, again a highly- acidic substance," Sudhir Khera, an engineer, said.