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n. pl. hy·drop·a·thies
Internal and external use of water as a therapeutic treatment for all forms of disease.

hy′dro·path′ic (hī′drə-păth′ĭk), hy′dro·path′i·cal adj.
hy·drop′a·thist, hy′dro·path′ n.
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HAWKS SWOOP: Heaton Kestrels Under-14s, pictured in shirts sponsored by Hydropath (above) and NODA Taxis (left), gained their third successive promotion in the Pin Point Recruitment NABC League by winning the Division Three title - losing only one game throughout the campaign
But Gully himself was in poor health, and another hydropath had to be found in the shape of Dr James Smith Ayerst.
This is the first installation that the manufacturers, Hydropath Ltd believe has been used to protect a water and product system.