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n. pl. hy·drop·a·thies
Internal and external use of water as a therapeutic treatment for all forms of disease.

hy′dro·path′ic (hī′drə-păth′ĭk), hy′dro·path′i·cal adj.
hy·drop′a·thist, hy′dro·path′ n.
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Adj.1.hydropathic - of or relating to hydropathy or its administration; "hydropathic treatments"
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In other homefront news, the Observer reported that Dunblane Hydropathic (Dunblane Hydro) had been bought by the War Office and would no longer be open to the public.
There will be lots, including Sipsmith London dry gin, Sipsmith London Cup, Sipsmith Sloe Gin, Tappers Gin Dark side Gin, Spring Fever, Three Fine Days, Winter Greens, Hydropathic, Egg Centric, Greenhalls, Thomas Dakin, Opihr Gin, Bloom London Gin, Liverpool Gin, JJ Whitley Elderflower Gin, JJ Whitley London Dry Gin, City of London Gin, Whitley Neil Gin, Whitley Neil Dry Gin, Bombay Sapphire, Star of Bombay, Gordon's Gin, Tanquarey, Tanquarey 10, London Dry, Brecon Gin, Brecon Botanicals Gin.
A simple method for displaying the hydropathic character of a protein.
Hydrotherapy and balneotherapy, including bathing, steaming and drinking spa water, were known colloquially as 'taking the waters,' became significant industries in the 19th century and gave birth to the development of spa centres and entire towns devoted to hydropathic tourism.
2) Lot 1 - hydropathic shower hidropatychna Department; Lot 2 - Installation for circular shower; Lot 3 - Install the rising soul; Lot 4 - Balneological systems with high pressure underwater massage, hydro and aeromasazhu
LUXURY pampering has come a long way since 1868, when Scotland's original hydropathic health spa opened in Perthshire under founding medical superintendent Dr Thomas Henry Meikle.
It opened in 1857 as a clergy training college, then became a botanic gardens and hydropathic baths.
The existence of different touristic resources from all regions (including cities, cultural objectives, hydropathic tourism, itinerary tourism, winter sports, ecological tourism, etc.
Treatment at one hydropathic establishment was, he said, a 'therapeutic fraud'.