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1. Repelling, tending not to combine with, or incapable of dissolving in water.
2. Of or exhibiting hydrophobia.

hy′dro·pho·bic′i·ty (-bĭs′ĭ-tē) n.


(Chemistry) the property of repelling water rather than absorbing it or dissolving in it
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Noun1.hydrophobicity - the property of being water-repellent; tending to repel and not absorb water
property - a basic or essential attribute shared by all members of a class; "a study of the physical properties of atomic particles"
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In all of our 76 experiments, the nucleation fronts initiated from a point on the trijunction and propagated into the drop volume with different structural morphologies determined by temperatures and surface hydrophobicity of the substrate.
The hydrophobicity of the aluminum and paperboard decreased after the treatments, suggesting that some structural changes may have occurred in these materials, while contact angles did not change significantly on LDPE and HDPE.
Due to its moderate hydrophobicity, APPS penetrates effectively into the dermis, the third skin layer, where it is then enzymatically converted to ascorbic acid (vitamin C).
This hydrophobicity reduces moisture sensitivity during cure with isocyanate and results in outstanding water resistance for increased durability of the final polyurethane product.
Strains that showed y-hemolysis as well as medium or high hydrophobicity were tested for tolerance to ammonia nitrogen following the technique of Devaraja et al.
The significant hydrophobicity in True Cotton(r) makes it an excellent candidate for any disposable consumer product that requires efficient fluid management.
The significant hydrophobicity in True Cotton makes it an excellent candidate for any disposable consumer product that requires efficient fluid management.
Claussen said the energy density of the laser processing can be adjusted to tune the degree of hydrophobicity and conductivity of the printed graphene circuits.
Dow Corning 904H Coating Additive can also improve water resistance, repellency and beading in coatings by increasing their surface hydrophobicity.
In the application of anti-reflection films on solar cells, the hydrophobicity should be also taken into account.
we are looking for the plasma coating equipment, which could modify the surface using vacuum plasma for the attachment of antimicrobial molecules, introducing fluorine groups for increasing hydrophobicity of natural sourced polymers and others.