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(haɪˈdrɒpɪk) or


1. (Medicine) of or relating to hydrops
2. (Medicine) containing excessive water or fluid


a. hidrópico-a, rel. a la hidropesía.
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The following were evaluated under a light microscope by a pathologist who had no knowledge of the groups: in liver specimens: inflammation, congestion, Kupfer cell hyperplasia, and hydropic degeneration; in lung specimens: inflammation, congestion, and atelectasis; in kidney specimens: inflammation, congestion, and tubular cell degeneration.
4] Haemolytic disease was first described in 1609 by a French midwife in a set of twins, one of whom was hydropic and stillborn, while the other one was severely jaundiced and died of kernicterus.
129) All gestations with maternal genetic material--PHMs, hydropic nonmolar abortions, and trisomies--show normal p57 protein expression pattern: strong nuclear staining in cytotrophoblasts, intermediate trophoblasts, intervillous trophoblast islands, and villous stromal cells, while syncytiotrophoblasts are uniformly negative.
Liver specimens were available from 6 neonates; moderate to severe hydropic degeneration was found in 5 of these specimens.
Th' hydropic drunkard, and night-scouting thief, The itchy lecher, and self-tickling proud Have the remembrance of past joys for relief Of comming ills.
The most common changes were hydropic degeneration of renal epithelium of some tubules (Fig.
Microscopic findings: The epidermal layers showed thickened, hyperplastic epithelium with hydropic degeneration, particularly in stratum spinosum.
Hydropic degeneration of liver cells was observed in all cases.
Figure 2d showed a mouse treated with acetaminophen with extensive centrilobular necrosis, hydropic degeneration of hepatocytes, destruction of central vein endothelium, karyolysis, pyknosis, and karyorrhexis of nuclei.
Histological examination of the circumcision tissue usually confirms the diagnosis, showing hyperkeratosis with follicular plugging, atrophy of the stratum spongiosum Malpighi with hydropic degeneration of basal cells, lymphedema, hyalinosis and homogenization of collagen in the upper-dermis, and inflammatory infiltration in the mid-dermis.
25% (9/16) steatosis and hydropic degeneration of hepatocytes was evidenced.