hydroplane racing

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Noun1.hydroplane racing - racing in high-speed motor boatshydroplane racing - racing in high-speed motor boats  
boat racing - the sport of racing boats
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The Gold Cup is considered by many to be the premier race in US H1 Unlimited Hydroplane racing.
Considered by many to be the most beautiful and treacherous course in H1 Unlimited Hydroplane racing, Miss HomeStreet and the rest of the boats thrilled spectators with high speeds and top-notch competition on the 2-mile Lake Washington course.
You'll also find articles with subjects such as the experiences of Michigan's Native-American soldiers overseas in World War I, the Great Depression-Era poetry of a woman living on a farm on the Marquette Iron Range, hydroplane racing on the Detroit River, and abandoned ghost towns of the Upper Peninsula.
Our ultimate goal is to see a Qatari competing at the highest level of hydroplane racing," added J WMyers.
Hydroplane racing probably has ratings and seems a sport with appeal, but it doesn't belong on a lake like Webster's, with layers of highly taxed property owners all around it.
Last November [2009], a partnership was struck between Tampa Digital, QMSF and the American Boat Racing Association to bring unlimited hydroplane racing for the first time to the Middle East region.
Based on the true story of Jim McCormick, who overcame merciless odds--and the smug derision of the entire hydroplane racing community--to win the 1971 Gold Cup, "Madison" draws its title from McCormick's small Indiana hometown as well as the rickety yellow boat that was once its pride and joy.
One might think of them as hydroplane racing boats compared with aircraft carriers.
Hanging from the ceiling and walls are their stock cars, engine blocks, camshafts, a monster Harley-Davidson bike and a hydroplane racing boat.
RACING: Jim Kropfeld, a three-time national champion driver in unlimited hydroplane racing, died of cancer Sunday in a nursing home in Cincinnati.
Since the 1920s, hydroplane racing fans have flocked to Madison every Fourth of July for the Annual Governor's Cup Regatta on the Ohio River.
During the last seven years, Bud-sponsored racing teams have won 15 national and world championships in Indy cars, stock cars, drag racing, off-road racing and hydroplane racing.