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 (hī′drō-kwĭ-nōn′, -kwĭn′ōn′) also hy·dro·quin·ol (-kwĭn′ôl′, -ōl′)
A white crystalline phenol, C6H6O2, used as an antioxidant, photographic developer, stabilizer, and reagent.


(ˌhaɪdrəʊkwɪˈnəʊn) or


(Elements & Compounds) a white crystalline soluble phenol used as a photographic developer; 1,4-dihydroxybenzene. Formula: C6H4(OH)2. Also called: quinol


(ˌhaɪ droʊ kwɪˈnoʊn, -drəˈkwɪn oʊn)

also hy•dro•quin•ol

(-ˈkwɪn ɔl, -ɒl)

a white crystalline compound, C6H6O2, formed by the reduction of quinone, used chiefly in photography and to inhibit autoxidation reactions.


n hidroquinona
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He claimed some cosmetic products sold online have mercury, hydroquinone or tretinoin.
ZO Medical by Zein ObagiMD Melamix Skin Lightener and Blending Creme Hydroquinone USP 4%
Hydroquinone sulphate 4 % 30 gm,10 % Lactic acid + 10 % Citric acid + 5% Kojic acid + 2 % salicylic acid + 2%,Hydroquinone 60 ml peel , 10 Ascobyl glucoside + 5 % Niacinamide + 4% retinol + 1% Retinyl propionate 6X6gm(YellowPeel Tab Terbinafine, 125mg (DT)
In a post on Instagram, the department of health and safety of the Dubai Municipality said the cream contains hydroquinone, which is found in prescription drugs, along with mercury, which has a toxic effect on humans.
The components included Hydroquinone, and mercury, a chemical with a toxic effect on humans, as previously announced by the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE, the post said.
Initially, users of hydroquinone creams may see whitening in their skin, however, when exposed to the sun, adverse effects will soon occur leading to the tanning of the skin and the occurrence of dark spots which leads to an extended use of the product and a higher risk of occurrence of the adverse drug reactions including dark spots, painful sensation and inflammation, as well as acne.
To compare the efficacy of topical hydroquinone 2% and oral tranexamic acid 500mg daily in patients of melasma.
In the United States, however, sales of skin lighteners have been under pressure due to concerns about the safety of products featuring hydroquinone, a skin-bleaching agent the Food and Drug Administration is evaluating as a possible carcinogen.
SALES of cosmetics containing the banned cancer-causing ingredient hydroquinone are rampant.
For age spots, either apply a fading cream that contains hydroquinone - such as the Cellular Recovery System by Vivderma - or chemical peels or laser therapy can help.
Treatment regimens include using hydroquinone 4% (and other hydroquinone-containing combinations) once to twice daily for 1-2 weeks prior to the laser procedure.
Officers from Coventry City Council's trading standards found skin lightening cream for sale containing hydroquinone.