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All wards were disinfected by use of sodium hydrosulfite, 80% (vol/vol) alcohol, and 2% (vol/vol) chlorhexidine twice during each shift, thus 6 times/d.
Archroma's Denisol Indigo 30 is a newly developed pre-reduced solution that does not use sodium hydroxide and sodium hydrosulfite to make a stock vat.
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Its chlor alkali products include chlorine and caustic soda, sodium hydrosulfite, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen, potassium hydroxide and bleach products.
In our experience, postmortem increases in methemoglobin can cause positive or negative carboxyhemoglobin interference, and pretreatment with sodium hydrosulfite can eliminate this effect.
The formula includes an ingredient called hydrosulfite, which rapidly reduces the dye molecule.
uses hydrosulfite to reverse the hair color process by shrinking the color molecule.
The reducing agent comprises a sulfite, hydrosulfite, nitrite, hydronitrite or hydrophospite and will at least partially decolorize a stain caused by the iodine complexed with polyvinylpyrrolidone when applied to the stain, allowed to stand for one hour at room temperature and evaluated by visual observation of the stain under average overhead fluorescent illumination.
Peroxide brightens the pulp during de-inking and hydrosulfite is used as a further brightener.
1% sodium hydrosulfite in polymer solids increases the yellowness rating of the non-yellowing composition from an excellent 2 to a rather poor 6.