hydroxyl group

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Noun1.hydroxyl group - the monovalent group -OH in such compounds as bases and some acids and alcohols
chemical group, radical, group - (chemistry) two or more atoms bound together as a single unit and forming part of a molecule
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These indicate that at least hydroxyl groups take part in the thermal degradation of PVA and the stability of hydroxyl group is crucial for the stabilization of PVA.
These results indicated that the magnesium atoms latched onto one of the anthocyanin's three rings of carbon atoms by linking up where a hydroxyl group stuck up from one ring.
has been granted a patent for a clear paint composition comprised of an acrylic copolymer comprised from 35%-50% weight caprolactone structural units, based on the resin solid fraction, a hydroxyl group number of from 200-340 mg KOH/g and a weight average molecular weight of from 5,000-15,000, and a nonyellowing type polyisocyanate compound, wherein the isocyanate group of the component is included in a proportion of from 0.
Both bands hardly shift in the whole composition range, indicating that the hydroxyl group of AO-80 cannot bond with oxygen atom of C--O--C.
The alcohol itself is a unique monomer that has dual functionality similar to unsaturated alcohols, according to the company, and it possesses the hydroxyl group and also has double bonds, making the molecule quite attractive to itself.
As both physically adsorbed water and hydroxyl groups on the nanoparticle surface may affect BECy curing, the alumina and silica nanoparticles were dried at either 120 or 350[degrees]C to evaluate the role of surface moisture and hydroxyl group concentration on the polymerization of BECy.
The urethane reaction is an addition reaction between a hydroxyl group and an isocyanate as shown in figure I.
In the crystal molecular structure of c1, the intermolecular hydrogen bonds exist not only between the H2 atom of hydroxyl group and the N2 atom of another c1 molecule (O2- H2.
The carbon carrying free hydroxyl group (C-3, C-4, and C-11) was unequivocally distinguished from the others (C-2, C-4a, and C-10b) by the deuterium induced differential isotope shift (DIS) measurement.
9,168,218 B2; L'Oreal has patented a composition that contains photoluminescent polymer (PLP), which is a polyester synthesized from a multifunctional monomer containing two carboxylic acid groups and a functional moiety comprising a carboxylic acid group or a hydroxyl group, and a diol.