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Any of several instruments that measure atmospheric humidity.

hy′gro·met′ric (hī′grə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
hy·grom′e·try n.


the branch of physics concerned with the measurement of moisture in the air. — hygrometric, hygrometrical, adj.
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Tenders are invited for The aim of this consultation is to work on the hygrometry of the EFS site Dcines-Charpieu of the entire Building "C" (building for the production of blood products laboratories and laboratories) in order to control the hygrometry rate of the whole building and to guarantee the name exceeding the maximum hygrometry rate of 60% (RH - relative humidity), at any time of year whatever the weather conditions.
Technical aspects: The greenhouse system is subject to a large number of data, decisions and actions to be taken on the immediate climatic environment of the plant (temperature, hygrometry, CCfi enrichment, misting, etc.
Human tear volume, quality and evaporation: a comparison of Schirmer, tear break-up time and resistance hygrometry techniques.
11], which indicates that most species of this genus requires very specific climatic conditions, particularly abundant hygrometry and high exposure to sunlight .