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var. of hypo- before a vowel: hypalgesia.


1. hypotenuse.
2. hypothesis.
3. hypothetical.
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This approach seems to be more appropriate to ascertain whether UMI could operate transdiagnostically across the four sets of disorders and then be a vulnerability factor to the development of mental disorders such as OCD, BDD, HYP, and EDs.
After the last post-training performance test, NORM and HYP participants were verbally asked to nominate in which environment they thought they had trained.
Cuadro 1 Soluciones calculadas para el inicio de la ruptura del evento principal Tecnica Longitud Oeste Latitud Norte Profundidad (km) NonLinLoc 3D 85,546 9,773 15,0 HYP 1D y Pn 85,572 9,752 9,4 automatica HYP 1D y Pn 85,585 9,787 18,9 manual Tecnica Tiempo origen Gap Rms (s) Incert.
These effects were observed during exercise at LT, VT and RPL intensities in HYP conditions both in GAS and AMA expedition (Table 1, 2 and 3).
001) reduced in CHQ group as compared to NC, two experimental groups and HYP groups.
Twenty-two patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and chronic pain we recruited into a quasi-experimental trial comparing the effects of self-hypnosis training (HYP) with progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) on pain intensity and pain interference; 8 received HYP and the remaining 14 participants were randomly assigned to receive either HYP or PMR.
Degradation of MEPE, DMP1, and release of SIBLING ASARM-peptides (Minhibins): ASARM-peptide(s) are directly responsible for defective mineralization in HYP.
ukGuests: Sinden, Duke Dumont Resident: ALaFu Summary: More forward thinking beats, breaks and bleeps from the HYP crew and star guests.
HYP, HYP AWAY: Sami Hyypia is Bayer Leverkusen bound
bile, phlegm, and wind, HYP 1:31; 2:2728), alleviating abdominal and digestive disorders (7) (HYP 2:34, 52; 3:17; GS 1:20), destroying deadly diseases (HYP 1:28-29, 31; GS 1:16), eliminating obvious signs of old age such as deteriorating health, grey hair and wrinkles (HYP 3:29), conquering hunger, thirst, sleep, and fear (HYP 1:32; 2:55, 58; GS 3:28), and bestowing flexibility (HYP 1:17), radiance (GS 1:18-19), extraordinary strength (KV 1:70), endurance, and siddhis (perfections, SS 3:54)--while also revealing deeper and subtler states of consciousness (samadhi) (8)
As the state agency with legislated responsibilities for child welfare, mental health and substance abuse services, DCF designed HYP as a pilot for the State's adolescent substance abuse treatment system using a system of care approach to identify substance abusing adolescents and to bring them into appropriate community-based treatment, especially as an alternative to residential care or incarceration in the juvenile justice system.