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 (hī′pər-bŏl′ĭk) also hy·per·bol·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
1. Of, relating to, or employing hyperbole.
2. Mathematics
a. Of, relating to, or having the form of a hyperbola.
b. Of or relating to a geometric system in which two or more lines can be drawn through any point in a plane and not intersect a given line in the plane.
c. Of or relating to a hyperbolic function: hyperbolic cosine.

hy′per·bol′i·cal·ly adv.


(ˌhaɪpəˈbɒlɪk) or


1. (Mathematics) of or relating to a hyperbola
2. (Rhetoric) rhetoric of or relating to a hyperbole
ˌhyperˈbolically adv


(ˌhaɪ pərˈbɒl ɪk)

also hy`per•bol′i•cal,

1. of, having the nature of, or using hyperbole.
2. of, pertaining to, or derived from a hyperbola.
hy`per•bol′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.hyperbolic - enlarged beyond truth or reasonableness; "a hyperbolic style"
increased - made greater in size or amount or degree
2.hyperbolic - of or relating to a hyperbola; "hyperbolic functions"


adjective exaggerated, overstated, enlarged, magnified, amplified This kind of hyperbolic writing does him no favours.


[ˌhaɪpəˈbɒlɪk] ADJhiperbólico


[ˌhaɪpərˈbɒlɪk] adjhyperbolique


adj (Liter, Math) → hyperbolisch; (Math also) → Hyperbel-; hyperbolic functionHyperbelfunktion f
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However, the above expressions are simple, adequately capture the quantitative trends in the data and are easy to implement in the hyperbolic model and the three-component model as demonstrated later.
The Prime Minister's spokesman said: "The Prime Minister and Chancellor do think that hyperbolic descriptions don't help us have a clear, sensible and measured debate about the decisions that need to be taken.
An expert in the geometry of unusual forms, she has come up with novel ways to calculate the volumes of oddly-shaped hyperbolic surfaces, which can be curved like a saddle or curly like a piece of crochet.
The path on the hyperbolic side of the double surface can be described with the hyperbolic law of cosines:
Anyone who agrees that Newtonian physics and general relativity are both metaphysically possible must say that the relevant possibility is stronger than metaphysical--in a Newtonian world, it is metaphysically possible for the world to be globally hyperbolic (since there is a metaphysically possible general-relativistic world where it is), but in the sense of "possible" relevant to the modal relationalist, it is not possible relative to a Newtonian world for matter to be arranged in a globally hyperbolic way.
The inspiration for making crochet reef forms begins with the technique of hyperbolic crochet discovered in 1997 by Cornell University mathematician Dr Daina Taimina.
This text by Sharma (mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology- Bombay, India) provides a "reasonably self-contained discussion of the quasi-linear hyperbolic equations and systems with applications.
And the researchers have developed an in-depth theory that uses hyperbolic geometry to describe a negatively curved shape of complex networks such as the Internet.
VICTORIA, British Columbia, April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- RevenueWire has recently brought Hyperbolic Software's Tidy Up
Hyperbolic localization is time-difference of arrival of sound wave to microphone pair evaluation method enabling to find sound source position coordinates.
The theory of Gromov hyperbolic spaces is a useful tool in order to understand the connections between graphs and Potential Theory (see e.