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1. A fictional device allowing a spaceship to travel faster than the speed of light, especially by passing through hyperspace.
2. Informal A state of heightened activity or concentration.

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But Steven Irish, managing director of the Sunderland-based battery company Hyperdrive Innovation, has claimed that the North East needs to do more to distinguish itself as a leading force in the growing market.
Grab your lightsabre and set the hyperdrive for a theme park that's not so far, far away to arrive no later than March 25
STAR Wars fans have gone into hyperdrive at the chance to meet a famed Nuneaton film director and hear him talk about the film in his hometown.
00 Roscommon Peggy Guerin Memorial Handicap 1m2f ATR Card page 68 QUICK turnarounds are the common theme in the most valuable contest of the evening at the rescheduled Roscommon fixture as Hyperdrive ran at Killarney on Wednesday, Go Guarantor was on duty at the same venue on Thursday, while Ontheiflist was fifth there on Friday.
Clean energy battery specialist Hyperdrive Innovation has passed rigorous United Nation safety tests will allow the firm to export its products across the globe without hindrance.
A great memoir offers the-rest-of-the-story appeal, and when the CIA, 9/11, waterboarding, whistleblowing, scapegoating, coverups, and federal prison all factor in, the page turning reaches hyperdrive.
Hustler Turf Equipment, part of Excel Industries, selected the Vanguard engines to power its Super Z HyperDrive and Super 104 commercial mowers.
RUNNERS UP Hyperdrive Innovation: Sunderlandbased Hyperdrive Innovation supplies automotive, marine, industrial and AGV/robotic vehicle clients with powertrain, energy storage, and electronic control and telemetry solutions.
The Carbon Air's HyperDrive (HD) Cam system offers several benefits.
It has a pop-up blaster that fires Nerf Elite darts, a turbolaser turret, light-up LED cannons, hyperdrive sound effects as well as a playset area.
Born in Torquay, Devon, Miranda made her name on noughties sitcoms like Not Going Out and Hyperdrive.
After making a series of appearances on British sitcoms such as Not Going Out and Hyperdrive, Miranda, 42, impressed bosses so much they gave her own show.