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1. Of or relating to a rocket propellant consisting of fuel and an oxidizer that ignite spontaneously on contact.
2. Using such a fuel.

[From German Hypergol, a hypergolic fluid propellant : from hyper-, extreme (from Greek huper-; see hyper-) + Greek ergon, work; see erg1.]

hy′per·gol′ (hī′pər-gôl′, -gōl′, -gŏl′) n.
hy′per·gol′i·cal·ly adv.


(Chemistry) (of a rocket fuel) able to ignite spontaneously on contact with an oxidizer
[C20: from German Hypergol (perhaps from hyp(er-) + erg1 + -ol2) + -ic]


(ˌhaɪ pərˈgɔ lɪk, -ˈgɒl ɪk)

(esp. of rocket fuels) igniting spontaneously upon contact with a complementary substance.
[1945–50; < German Hypergol a hypergolic rocket fuel (< Greek hy(per)- hyper- + érg(on) work + German -ol -ol2) + -ic]
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Presolicitation: Provision Of Hypergolic Propellants
This work has focused on investigating the compatibility of plastics and elastomers in hypergolic and oxygen-enriched media, nondestructive evaluation and composite overwrapped pressure vessels.
Packed with kerosene, liquid oxygen and hypergolic propellants, the Angara-A5 weighs 773 metric tonnes, making it the largest Russian launcher ever fired in the country since the late 1980's.
It is suggested that the hypergolic fuel remaining in the tanks fuel must have leaked prior to its combustion which likely provided the medium in which the comet-like structure was produced.
Finally, the current plan for deployment of the SM-3 Block IIB interceptor would be limited to deployment on land because of shipboard safety concerns related to the anticipated use of hypergolic fuels in the Block IIB interceptor.
Considering the complications of insensitive munitions requirements and the Navy's desire to avoid hypergolic liquid fuels, the design challenge becomes even greater.
It is powered by a AR2-3 rocket engine using the hypergolic (self igniting) combination of nitrogen tetroxide and hydrazine, whilst the maneuvrering engines are fuelled by hydrogen peroxide.
The streams of hypergolic propellant and oxidant that will power the spacecraft have to be relied on to burn on contact with each other in an environment where there are extremes of heat and cold.
The message listed only the weight of the cargo, but during mission planning, I discovered our load was 10 AQM-37 target drones, which had "rocket motors with hypergolic liquids.
This part of the facility was constructed to withstand exploding hypergolic fuels such as monomethyl hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide.