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The Rotterdam plant will benefit from the hypermodern infrastructure at the Port of Rotterdam, and from partnerships with Air Liquide and AkzoNobel for the supply of the required oxygen and hydrogen.
For example, if one can argue that Korean street styles are engendered and enabled by a certain kind of postmodern or even hypermodern genre mixing and this defines a Korean style of textual mixing-as-creation in itself, then might this not be a reason to think of K-pop?
From retro-influenced designs to hypermodern architecture, the illustrations capture both the timeless nature of Condo Heartbreak Disco's two main characters, as well as convey the many emotions that punctuate their plight despite their unique appearances.
It stands to reason that loose women would fill the O'Hara stories that concern the hypermodern and vain members of the smart set.
The pastor is the connected user in a hypermodern society whose experience unfolds according to these diverse and heterogeneous practices: "zapping (pro-active attitude to find maximum exchange and possible benefits opportunities); filtering (critical attitude to restore an autonomy of action) and preservation (defensive attitude to institute protections between itself and those who control the telecommunications systems)" (42).
The resurgence of the real: Body, nature, and place in a hypermodern world.
We admire how Germany has maintained its traditions, yet has a hypermodern, progressive edge," they said.
In 2008, she finds a hypermodern metropolis of bristling commercial towers, luxurious hotels, districts like "Dubai Internet City," and a mall housing "the world's largest indoor ski slope" (3).
The initial rewards from constant warring over land and peoples appear as extensions of the Self--conceived if not yet in terms of hypermodern autonomous individuality, then at least as a selfhood on its "way out" of a theocentric immaturity, up the Chain of Being, and toward the prize of self and its commodities as private property.
Beyond the good-natured humor, "The Mermaid" is a self-reflexive ethical imperative in light of the horrific ecological problems hypermodern China needs to decisively address.
Made of what Ambiente calls hypermodern materials, the designs have crystal effects, iridescent with synthetic color nuances.
The contrast between Abha and Jazan region with its wild, rough, mountainous surroundings versus a hypermodern King Abdullah Economic City.