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28] The hyperphagic effect of orexin A disappears when the body temperature is already increased, such that a reduction in food intake can happen in this condition.
There was a significant moderating effect of restrained eating, with a hyperphagic response to work stress in restrained eaters, compared with no effect in unrestrained eaters.
Effects of starvation and re-alimentation periods on growth performance and hyperphagic response of Sparus aurata.
These mice have APL features, but do not express insulin resistance unless crossed with severely hyperphagic leptin-deficient ob/ob mice.
Ob/ob and db/db mice that lack leptin or are leptin resistant, respectively, are profoundly hyperphagic and hypometabolic, leading to an obese phenotype, and they manifest numerous abnormalities, such as type 2 diabetes with severe insulin resistance, hypothermia and cold intolerance, infertility, and decrease in lean (21), (22).
Adiponectin is regulated differently by chronic exercise than by weight-matched food restriction in hyperphagic and obese OLETF rats.
We also (4) assess whether the sea ice concentration in spring, when polar bears are hyperphagic (Stirling, 2002), has been declining.
To maintain a healthy weight comfortably, it is important to interrupt and block this sabotaging hyperphagic cycle.
The majority of studies conducted on the effect of cannabis and/or various cannabinoid administrations on food intake in animals, have either failed to find an effect on eating behaviour, or found that cannabinoids induced an anorectic or hyperphagic effect (Pagotto et al.
Mice lacking Toll-like receptor 5 (TLR5), which is important in immune system recognition of bacterial antigens in the colon, are hyperphagic with increased food consumption resulting in hyperlipidcmia, hypertension, insulin resistance, and increased adipocity.
An increase in body fat in low-protein-induced hyperphagic animals has also been previously observed (White et al.