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An artistic style characterized by highly realistic graphic representation.

hy′per·re′al·ist adj. & n.
hy′per·re′al, hy′per·re′al·ist′ic adj.


(Art Terms) another word for photorealism
ˌhyperˈrealist n, adj
ˌhyperˌrealˈistic adj
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Turning bronze to flesh is a refined skill that Feuerman has honed over a forty year career of exacting the highest standards of hyperrealism.
We moved away from hyperrealism, toward impressionism and pointillism, which I felt were better suited to his artistic vision.
The background shows, dimly, a vaulted room or alcove, but van Mieris's hyperrealism trumps that trompe-l'oel depth.
These are cyber-ism, hyperrealism, and narcissism, among others.
In each episode of Epic Ink, the talented staff bring comics, cartoons and fantasy to life with unique ink ranging from portraiture to hyperrealism and geekculture mash-ups.
For Garrett Stewart, the mediocre and saccharine hyperrealism or failed classicism of these portraits is functional.
In contrast, standard rendering engines aim at photorealism instead of potentially more illustrative hyperrealism.
Yet, even Argento has lost some of his edge in terms of genre: he has begun to quote himself and allow himself to be affected by CSI-type (3) crime shows, which in turn were inspired by such fictitious jaunts into hyperrealism provided by Silence of the Lambs (Jonathan Demme 1991) and Copycat (Jon Amiel 1995).
This moves on into the next chapter which looks at Realism and Hyperreality and the conventions that are used when music is presented on television and the differences between these conventions and the hyperrealism of music video.
Almost everyone walking into Room One (skeletal and muscle systems) recoils at the hyperrealism of the skinned models that surround and fill the room.
I propose that several key components of magical realism might be expected to carry over to mythic realism: an easy acceptance of the supernatural, a hyperrealism that verges on the grotesque, and a clash of world views that creates space for cultural critique.
Its hyperrealism is one of the features that made it, in Jameson's terms, "the first terrible postmodernist war" (Jameson 1998a: 16).