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An artistic style characterized by highly realistic graphic representation.

hy′per·re′al·ist adj. & n.
hy′per·re′al, hy′per·re′al·ist′ic adj.


1. (Art Terms) involving or characterized by particularly realistic graphic representation
2. (Sociology) distorting or exaggerating reality
3. (Philosophy) distorting or exaggerating reality
4. (Sociology) pertaining to or creating a hyperreality
5. (Philosophy) pertaining to or creating a hyperreality
6. (Sociology) the hyperreal that which constitutes hyperreality
7. (Philosophy) the hyperreal that which constitutes hyperreality
8. (Mathematics) short for hyperreal number
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Another good example is Duane Hanson's hyperrealist Museum Guard (1975), a life-sized fibreglass figure that twists our familiarity with the idea of the mute guard into something uncanny, forcing us to take note.
Guests to the free public exhibition will experience Feuerman's remarkable hyperrealist bronze sculptures together with Ms.
Guests to the public exhibition will experience hyperrealist sculpture together with photographs.
HYPERREALIST works of art are more than near-photographic representations of people and places.
Though focused on paintings, the show is remarkably broad in scope, including abstract, figurative, surrealist, hyperrealist and impressionist work by well-established artists, as well as up-and-coming youngsters.
Paul Kasmin Gallery sold all of its pieces, including the works of German-born Turkish hyperrealist artist Taner Ceylan, who last presented a solo exhibition in ystanbul in 2005.
What you see is not a photograph of famous actor Morgan Freeman but a finger painting generated on an iPad Air by hyperrealist artist Kyle Lambert.
Finally, in doing so, it has estranged ostranenie, reinventing its role in contemporary scholarly discourse by relating it to the uncanny valley and broadening its scope to include today's hyperrealist animated cinema.
Drawn exclusively for Mazda by hyperrealist artist Paul Cadden, the 47 year old artist from Scotland, recreates photos or stills in amazing detail just using a graphite pencil, drawings that are often mistaken for photographs.
Artists like Jan van Eyck, Rogier van der Weyden, the Master of Flemalle (Robert Campin), and their contemporaries introduced a style of painting in the Netherlands that is famous for its subtlety and meticulous mimesis, surrounded by a hyperrealist splendor.
What makes me different from other hyperrealist artists is that I predominantly work in pencil, while many others tend to use an airbrush.
Ron Mueck's hyperrealist experiments with the impact of scale in the representation of human subjects draw their impact from the dissonance between extreme representational accuracy in one field and complete disjunction in another.