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Unusually high body temperature.

hy′per·ther′mal adj.
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Adj.1.hyperthermal - of or relating to or affected by hyperthermia
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Contract notice: Supply of filters for surgical and fungible smoke evacuation for the intraperitoneal hyperthermal perfusion system for the university hospital of fuenlabrada
Not only the propagula of tropical plants can be brought by the warm pacific currents of monsoon in SE Asian to northward migration, but Hainan Island which located in north margin of the tropics possessed abundant rainfall and hyperthermal and humid climates, and made it a paradise that lots of tropical plants of northward migration can repreduce freely in Hainan Island.
Smectite to illite diagenesis in early Miocene sediments from the hyperthermal western Pannonian Basin.
Ablative composites are used as thermal insulating materials for intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) and space shuttles to protect their structures from hypersonic and hyperthermal environments encountered during their mission (9-11).
In this report, we present a patient who developed who was diagnosed with PFMS after long-duration travel and hyperthermal (>40 [degrees]C) balneotherapy, with the goal of drawing attention to the possible environmental triggers of this syndrome.
A new local ablation for solid malignant tumors: Antitumor effect of hyperthermal and electrochemical therapy on transplantable mouse cancer.
The medicinal-mineral water from La Toja (SPAIN) is hyperthermal, it has a strong mineralization (30 gr/L), it is radioactive and rich in calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium and it contains sodium chloride, bromine, strontium, borax and fluor.
They're classified as hyperthermal (96[degrees] to 124[degrees] F.
In the Early Eocene, the world experienced the highest temperatures of the Cenozoic, notably during hyperthermal events, when atmospheric carbon dioxide greatly exceeded modern levels (Zachos et al.
Hyperthermal baths are not recommended for older patients and patients who have cardiac risk because of intensive responses on cardiovascular functions (6).
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